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Combat Weapons Club

Cadets…..In today’s modern, non-linear battlefield, the need for tactical information and rapid decision making is critical…now there is a club at West Point that will help prepare you to lead the soldiers on point in this effort….the Troopers of the United States Cavalry.
~ MAJ Paul Hayes, U. S. Cavalry Trooper
Execute Recon and Security missions
  • Realistic training using contemporary scenarios
  • HMMWV Mounted Force on Force missions
  • Counter Mortar RECON
  • FOB Security
  • MSR Security
  • Convoy Security
  • Professional Development
  • Troop Leading Procedures
  • Training Management
  • Command and Control
  • Actions on Contact
  • Individual Training
  • Mounted and Dismounted Land Navigation
  • Mounted and Dismounted Tactical Movement
  • Communications
  • Engineer tasks
  • Night Vision
  • Capstone Exercise
  • Fort Drum, Scout Gunnery Table V

    USMA Cavalry Scout Club would like to thank all of the individuals and organizations that have donated their time, money, expertise, and resources to the development and evolution of our future mounted leaders. We would specifically like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Houghton for their generosity and making our annual staff ride possible. Any individuals or organizations interested in supporting the USMA Cavalry Scout Club please contact Mr. Randy D. Mayer of The Directorate of Cadet Activities for information. Please indicate that your interest in support “ARMS,” short for “Combined Arms,” the code used by DCA to track the Cavalry Scout Club.