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Department of Military Instruction : Defense Strategic Studies

Defense & Strategic Studies

DSS graduates possess an interdisciplinary skill set and the substantive theoretical, historical, and policy knowledge to appropriately frame complex strategic problems, the analytical skills necessary to produce viable and innovative solutions relating to the use of force, and the ability to effectively communicate their positions to all audiences
Recently DSS interfaced with Israeli Defense Forces during a West Point Academic Individual Advanced Development (AIAD). West Point Cadets in the DSS Department visited historic sites such as Jerusalem, Masada and the Dead Sea.  Pictured are Cadets Christopher Drew, Mitchell Dutton, Mark Dabeck and their OIC MAJ Nolan Lasiter.


New Instructor Opportunities.
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DSS Publications
 - Infinity Journal, Spring 2013, MAJ Matthew Cavanaugh
- Armed Forces Journal, November 2011, CPT Andrew  Betson
"Growth of the Junior Officer: Gold Bar to Gold Leaf"
- The Wright Stuff Journal, Vol 5, Issue 13, Jun 2010, Maj Kelli Moon
DSS Majors' Theses
"A Joining of Cultures: Special Operations Forces and Interagency Cooperation"
- Cadet Kyle Bleikamp
"Implementing Operational Design Across the U.S. Army" 
- Cadet Luke Loftsgaarden
"Creating a Black & Gold Company at West Point: Filling the Margins of Excellence Gap inside the Military Domain"
- Cadet Mitchell McKnight
"Grasping the Concept: Does Democratizing Individual Weapons Ergonomics Affect Soldier's Shooting Ability?"
- Cadet Benjamin Stone
DSS Courses
DS320 Landpower DS470 Military Strategy

DS497 Strategic Studies Capstone 


DS496 Strategic Studies Thesis

DS345 Military Innovation
DS455 Comparative Military Systems
+ Any History Elective + SS473 American Foreign Policy
EV482 Military Geography
2 Electives
DS345 Military Innovation

HI355 Warfare in the Age of Industrialization

SS370 Mass Media and American Politics
DS350 Military Communication HI357 Warfare Since 1945 SS472 American Civil and Military Relations
DS360Special Ops/Low Intensity Conflict HI358 Strategy, Policy, and Generalship SS473 American Foreign Policy

DS385 Sustaining the Force

DS399 Strategic Studies Partnership

HI359 The Era of the Second World War

HI347 Asian Warfare and Politics

SS476 Conflict Analysis, Resolution and Negotiation

SS465 Terrorism: New Challenges

DS455 Comparative Military Systems HI381 The History of Unconventional Warfarev SS481 The Politics of Defense Policy

DS460 Counterinsurgency

DS490 Special Topics: Strategic Studies
DS495 Research Methods

HI385 War and its Theorists

HI356 War and Sea in the Air

HI370 Ancient and Medieval Warfare

HI376 Early Modern Warfare

LW474 Law of War

LW481 International Law

MG379 Leading Teams

MG390 Negotiations for Leaders

PL387 Foundations of Counseling

EP365 Ethics of Military Profession

EP374 The Arts of War

LX386 Military Readings in a Foreign Language

IT460 Cyber Operations

PL471 Leadership in Combat

PL482 Armed Forces and Society

EV365 Cultural and Political Geography SE485 Combat Modeling
EV482 Military Geography    
HI338 Warfare in the Age of Revolutions  
3rd Semester of a Foreign Language and either a 4th Semester of a Foreign Language or DS350 Military Communication


DSS Current Faculty