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Department of Military Instruction : Defense Strategic Studies

Defense & Strategic Studies

DSS graduates possess an interdisciplinary skill set and the substantive theoretical, historical, and policy knowledge to appropriately frame complex strategic problems, the analytical skills necessary to produce viable and innovative solutions relating to the use of force, and the ability to effectively communicate their positions to all audiences
Congratulation to MAJs Nathaniel Davis and Patrick Heim as the recipients of the Apgar Academic Award for 2013 for their Counter-Insurgency Exercise in DS460, COIN.
MAJ Heim_ApgarC.jpg

New Instructor Opportunities.
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DSS Publications
 - Infinity Journal, Spring 2013, MAJ Matthew Cavanaugh
- Armed Forces Journal, November 2011, CPT Andrew  Betson
"Growth of the Junior Officer: Gold Bar to Gold Leaf"
- The Wright Stuff Journal, Vol 5, Issue 13, Jun 2010, Maj Kelli Moon
DSS Majors' Theses
"A Joining of Cultures: Special Operations Forces and Interagency Cooperation"
- Cadet Kyle Bleikamp
"Implementing Operational Design Across the U.S. Army" 
- Cadet Luke Loftsgaarden
"Creating a Black & Gold Company at West Point: Filling the Margins of Excellence Gap inside the Military Domain"
- Cadet Mitchell McKnight
"Grasping the Concept: Does Democratizing Individual Weapons Ergonomics Affect Soldier's Shooting Ability?"
- Cadet Benjamin Stone