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Direct Fill Instructor Opportunities

Most of our officer positions are Direct Fill, which do not require an advanced degree. The person selected for a Direct Fill position would typically come directly from their previous assignment and serve a three-year tour in DMI.
There are currently no Direct Fill Opportunities.
We have not yet identified future Direct Fill requirements and we are NOT accepting applications. Please do not contact us unsolicited, but instead interested and qualified officers should check this page frequently for updates. Specific year group targets will be published as part of future announcements. Please note the general eligibility requriements below and check back periodically.
Branch qualified officers from all commissioning sources, all branches, and of any gender, are encouraged to apply for open positions.
We normally select officers for most direct fills to begin their assignment in their 6-8th year of commissioned service.
Officers must meet the Army height, weight, and physical fitness standards.
To be eligible for consideration, applicants may have an undergraduate degree in any field. The most successful candidates will have an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher, though this is not a requirement.
We select officers on a rolling basis as vacancies are identified, with direct assignment or graduate school starting the following summer or fall. The preferred report date for inbound personnel is May of each year due to the Cadet Summer Training requirements and New Instructor Orientation training, but we occasionally accept personnel outside that window. When vacancies are announced, applicants may start a file at any time so that they are eligible for the next vacancy that fits their availability.
Direct Fill Positions only (No ACS)
The preferred method of providing documents is electronically via official email (see contact info below). For direct fill positions we need the following documents to complete your packet for consideration:
  1. Officer Record Brief (ORB) with photo. Using your AKO login you can download your ORB in PDF format from:
  2. Last three Officer Evaluation Reports (OERs), as well as any Command OERs. These can be downloaded from your OMPF:
  3. Most recent APFT score card. This can be scanned and emailed along with the other documents
  4. A brief summary of your military service, being sure to list all deployments or specialty schools or skills. There is no special format for this, but a numbered or bulleted timeline of 1-2 pages is the norm. At the top of the form be sure to include your standard name line, and your availability date for reporting to USMA.
Send the above documents to the DMI Executive Officer, MAJ Christopher Nuels,, DSN 688-8723 or COM (845)938-8723.