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Department of Military Instruction : Instructor Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Attention:  DMI now offers fully funded one year ACS positions
What It Means to Work in DMI:
DMI Mission: The Department of Military Instruction trains, educates and inspires the Corps of Cadets in the foundational military competencies necessary to win in a complex world by providing sequential and progressive military training and leadership development experiences to develop cadets into commissioned leaders of character who embrace their roles as United States Army officers and for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army.
DMI focuses its efforts primarily in two places: instruction of Military Science and Defense and Strategic Studies during the academic year and field training for cadets during the summer. Every officer and Non-Commissioned Officer can expect to teach Military Science during the academic year and support field training during the summer. Additionally, officers and NCOs can expect to serve in any of the following key leadership positions:
a.     DMI XO
b.    DMI Strategic Planner
c.     Cadet Summer Training BDE S3 (CST S3)
d.    CST S4
e.     CST Course Directors/Detail BN S3s (Cadet Leader Development Training (CLDT)/Cadet Field Training (CFT) Cadet Basic Training (CBT) and Cadet Candidate Basic Training (CCBT or predatory school)
f.     Military Science Course Directors for MS100, MS200, MS300
g.    Military Science Instructor
h.     Branch Group Advisors (Branch Reps)
i.      Sandhurst Competition OIC
j.      Military Individual Advanced Development (MIAD) Selection OIC
k.     Staff and Faculty Leader Training Program (LTP) OIC
l.      AASLT School OIC
m.   CLDT III OIC at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst (RMAS)
n.     Branch Week S3
o.    Branch Week S4
p.    DMI Club OICs
We encourage interested candidates to explore the DMI page to learn more about the organization and potential opportunities.
Who DMI Hires:
DMI is currently in transition from hiring the predominance of our staff and faculty directly from the force to hiring all incoming officers through the Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) program. This transition is expected to take 3-4 years to complete and therefore we will continue to look for highly qualified personnel directly from the force. Though we do not require an advanced degree for potential candidates in this category, a strong record of military performance is required. DMI will continue to hire NCOs directly from the force. There is no advance degree program established at this time for incoming NCOs.
DMI values diversity and looks to hire from a variety of backgrounds and branches as most positions are Branch Immaterial (01A) and Combat Arms Immaterial (02A).
Available positions for Academic Year  2018 (arrive summer 2017 to start Grad Degree):
Direct fill officers: None
Advanced Civil School Officer: 11 CPT-MAJ (see Final Note and additional resources section below for more information about the acceptable Academic Discipline Codes and programs authorized for DMI)
Direct fill NCO: TBD
Civilian Instructors: None
Qualification: All Officer positions are CPT/MAJ fills in YG 2004-2011, all NCO positions are SFC/MSG fills
Assignment length: Minimum of three years including one year ACS with a maximum of four years total when combined with one year ACS.
Officer candidates are managed through the Web-Enabled Selection and Tracking system – W.E.S.T. Officers can create a W.E.S.T. file at the link below:  
Minimum Documents Required in W.E.S.T:
-Last five OERs to include all your most recent Key Development OERs (KD positions IAW DA PAM 600-3) (if KD OER is not available candidates are highly encouraged to obtain an endorsement letter from their senior rater)
-Current APFT scorecard
-Undergraduate and or graduate transcripts
-Current DA Photo
-Informal Photo
- GRE scores or GMAT scores (no older than 5 years) (only required if applying for the ACS positions)
- Letter of intent: “Why you think you are a good fit and how you will use this opportunity to enable DMI’s success?   Addressed to Director, Department of Military Instruction
All candidates desiring consideration as an Academic Year 2018 (summer 2017 ACS) hire must have their W.E.S.T. file complete NLT 1 FEB 16.
Other Opportunities
Annually, DMI has the ability to allocate up to a total of two officers and/or Non-commissioned officers to attend Eisenhower Leadership Development Program (ELDP) at Columbia University.  These officers and/or Non-commissioned officers are selected from those already serving in DMI.  The intent behind this opportunity is to provide DMI with a planner(s) to facilitate academic course integration of the military programs across military science and training.  If selected, the individual will attend ELDP at Columbia in an assigned cohort in the summer of 2016.
a.     AR 621-1 Training of Military Personnel at Civilian Institutions
DMI requirements to apply:
a.     Must have at least one year remaining on station following the completion of ELDP.
b.    IAW AR 621-1 3-3 f. Minimum academic requirements. Completed baccalaureate degree with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5. If an officer holds more than one completed baccalaureate degree, the highest GPA will be considered. Minimum Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is 153 verbal, 144 quantitative and 4.0 (analytical), and for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) minimum score must be 500.  Waivers may be granted by CG, HRC (AHRC–OPL–L), on a case by case basis for examinations or GPAs, but not both. Test results must not be more than 5 years from the date tested. (Provide copy of transcripts and test score results).
c.     No derogatory information in personnel file.
d.    Letter of intent: “Why you think you are a good fit and how you will use this opportunity to enable DMI’s success?”
e.     See AR 621-1 and the ELDP website above for additional requirements for Advanced Civil Schooling and admission requirements for ELDP.
Defense & Strategic Studies (DSS)
Finally, the Defense & Strategic Studies (DSS) program under DMI also has approximately 2-3 ACS opportunities annually in a variety of disciplines that support their mission to teach cadets the following courses:
DS320 – Landpower
DS385 – Sustaining the Force
DS350 – Military Communication
DS460 – Counterinsurgency
DS470 – Military Strategy
DS455 – Comparative Military Systems
DS360 – Special Ops/Low Intensity Conflict
DS497 - Defense and Strategic Studies Capstone
DS345 – Military Innovation
Those interested in DSS can find more information at the following link:
For officers interested in DSS ACS opportunities (start grad school in the fall of 2017, report to USMA summer of 2019), W.E.S.T. applications must be complete by 1 DEC 15. Required documents include:
For officers interested DMI ACS (start grad school in the summer of 2016, report to USMA summer of 2017), W.E.S.T. applications must be complete by 1 DEC 15. Required documents include:
-A copy of last five OERs to include company command; if a command OER is not available, the officer is highly encouraged to get an memorandum of endorsement memorandum from their senior rater.
-Current APFT scorecard
-Undergraduate transcripts; graduate transcripts if applicable
-GRE scores (no older than 5 years)
-Current DA photo
-Informal photo
-2-3 Letters of Recommendation (comments focused on potential to do outstanding work at a top American university and be an effective college-level instructor)
-Letter of Intent (why you want to join DMI/DSS) addressed to:
Director, Defense and Strategic Studies Program
The hiring board for ACS candidates takes place throughout the month of December with notifications to the officer NLT early February.
Final Note and additional resources
Note 1: Resident ILE is a critical planning factor for those interested in pursuing ACS and teaching at USMA. In most cases, ILE deferments have been approved to ensure officers complete at least a two year utilization at USMA, however this is not guaranteed.
Note 2: If not chosen for ACS, candidates are still encouraged to compete for a Direct Fill position.


Below you will find two of the programs and their associated application timelines that are potentially available for those applying for DMI:


georgetown pic.gif

Policy Management

The McCourt School of Public Policy offers programs of study leading to a Master of Public Policy (M.P.P.) degree, a Master of International Development (M.I.D.P.) degree, a Master of Policy Management (M.P.M.) degree or an Executive Master of Policy Leadership (E.M.P.L.) degree.
A Master of Policy Management (M.P.M.) degree equips policy leaders with essential management and analytic skills that allow them to meet policy management challenges. A degree for professionals with significant practical experience, the M.P.M. hones and integrates their talents to enhance effectiveness in the policy world. The McCourt School provides committed policy professionals with the theoretical foundation and practical tools they need to make a difference.

Degrees Offered

  • Master of Policy Management (M.P.M.)

Application Deadlines

Summer 2016
January 15, 2016 (priority)
April 1, 2016 (final)
Fall 2016
January 15, 2016 (priority)
April 1, 2016 (final)

Master of Advanced Study in Global Affairs

The Master of Advanced Study (M.A.S.) in Global Affairs is a one year program for mid career professionals. Created in 2013, the program is small by design, with only a few admitted students each year.
The M.A.S. is aimed at professionals with extensive experience in a field of global affairs such as, but not limited to, international security, diplomacy, and development.

Summer-Fall 2015

Applicants should take respective GRE, GRE Subject, TOEFL or IELTS and GMAT exams no later than November in order to guarantee that official scores reach the Graduate School by the application deadline for the department to which you are applying.

August 15, 2015

Application becomes available online (link is external) for fall 2016 admission to all degree programs of the Graduate School and applicants for the Sackler/NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program.

January 2, 2016

Deadline for all other departments*.
All applications must be submitted by this date. Official standardized test scores and letters of recommendation should be received by this date to be considered but can arrive after this date. Applications cannot be submitted for any degree program of the Graduate School after this date.

January-March 2016

Applications for fall 2016 reviewed by departments and programs.

February-March 2016

Official admissions decisions for fall 2016 communicated to applicants.

April 15, 2016

Deadline for applicant responses to most offers of admission for fall 2016.