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Department of Military Instruction : Instructor Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Military Instruction (DMI)!
What It Means to Work in DMI
DMI’s mission is to “train, educate and inspire the Corps of Cadets in the essence of warfighting and the profession of arms.”  Towards that end, the Department focuses their efforts primarily in two places:  instruction of Military Science and Defense and Strategic Studies during the academic year and field training for cadets in the summer. 
During the first year in DMI, every officer and NCO can expect to have the opportunity to teach Military Science during the academic year and support field training for the cadets in the summer. In subsequent years, officers and NCOs may teach fewer classes but serve in various primary positions within the Department such as Branch Representatives, Cadet Summer Training OICs, Department S4, Department S6, etc. No officer and NCO’s experience in DMI is exactly the same but it is rewarding none the less.
We encourage interested candidates to explore the DMI page to learn more about the organization and potential opportunities.  
Who DMI Hires
DMI generally hires for four categories: 
1)    Direct Fill - Officer
2)    Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) – Officer
3)    Direct Fill - NCO
DMI values diversity and looks to hire from a variety of backgrounds and branches as some positions are Branch Immaterial (01A), Combat Arms Immaterial (02A), and Branch specific. 
Officer candidates are managed through the Web-Enabled Selection and Tracking system – W.E.S.T.  Officers can create a W.E.S.T. file at the link below:
Direct Fill – Officer
Unlike most academic departments at West Point, most of our officer positions are “Direct Fill” and do not require an advanced degree, however, a strong record of military performance is required.  A person selected for a Direct Fill position would typically come directly from their previous assignment and serve a three-year tour in DMI. 
The Department of Military Instruction also participates in a military personnel exchange program with the Royal Military Academy – Sandhurst (RMAS) in the United Kingdom.  Selected officers would spend two years assigned to DMI followed by two years in the UK at RMAS.  Specific hiring announcements will be made when this position is open.  General qualifications for this position include: 
1) O-3 but not on list for promotion to O-4 at time of selection
2) Company command (KD) complete
2) 02A (Combat Arms) with preference of IN/AR/SF/FA/EN
3) Physically fit with at minimum 270+ APFT
4) Competitive officer with generally an ACOM ratings
5) USMA graduate
6) Recent/relevant combat/operational experience
7) Evidence of a strong background in Infantry tactics
For officers interested in DMI as Direct Hire, below are the primary zones for consideration:
-Reporting summer of 2015 are YG2006-2008
-Reporting summer of 2016 are YG2007-2009. 
Direct Fill candidates must have their W.E.S.T. files complete NLT 1SEP14 for consideration as a summer 2015 hire.  The hiring board will review applications throughout the month and officers can expect to be notified by early to mid-October 2014 pending HRC approval. 
Direct Fill candidates must include the following in their W.E.S.T. file:
1)    ORB
2)    A copy of last five OERs to include company command; if a command OER is not available, the officer is highly encouraged to get an memorandum of endorsement from their senior rater.
3)    APFT scorecard
4)    Undergraduate transcripts; graduate transcripts if available as well
5)    DA photo
6)    Informal photo
7)    Letter of Intent (why you want to join DMI) addressed to:
Director, Department of Military Instruction
745 Brewerton Rd, Room 5107
West Point, NY  10996
Note 1:  GREs are not required for selection; however, if available can be uploaded. 
Note 2:  Officers considering a Direct Fill position should be available to report NLT 15MAY.
Advanced Civil Schooling – Officer
The Department of Military Instruction is authorized and resourced limited Advanced Civil Schooling opportunities. 
DMI traditionally receives annually one (1) ACS funded slot for the Eisenhower Leader Development Program (ELDP), which is sponsored by the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (BS&L).  Officers selected for ELDP will be enrolled in the full-time, 12-month Masters of Arts Program  where they’ll complete a M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology (Leader Development) from Teacher’s College, Columbia University.  This is a four-year assignment for those selected, with the first year in graduate school followed by a three-year utilization in DMI.  Officers will PCS to West Point and divide time during their year at graduate school between West Point and the Teacher’s College in New York City. 
While limited, some graduate school opportunities exist within the DMI to pursue Masters in Adult Education, Learning or Curriculum and Instruction with utilization as a Military Science course director.  The officer will typically spend 1-2 years in graduate school followed by a three year utilization in DMI. 
Finally, the Defense & Strategic Studies (DSS) program under DMI also has approximately 2-3 ACS opportunities annually in a variety of disciplines that support their mission to teach cadets the following courses:
DS370 – Tactics
DS350 – Military Communication
DS470 – Military Strategy
DS360 – Special Ops/Low Intensity Conflict
DS345 – Military Innovation
DS385 – Sustaining the Force
DS460 – Counterinsurgency
DS455 – Comparative Military Systems
DS489 – Individual Study
DS498 – Colloquium in Military Affairs
Those interested in DSS can find more information at the following link:
For officers interested in ACS opportunities (start grad school in the fall of 2016, report to USMA summer of 2018), W.E.S.T. applications must be complete by 1DEC14.  Required documents include: 
1)    ORB
2)    A copy of last five OERs to include company command; if a command OER is not available, the officer is highly encouraged to get an memorandum of endorsement memorandum from their senior rater.
3)    APFT scorecard
4)    Undergraduate transcripts; graduate transcripts if applicable
5)    GRE scores (no older than 5 years)
6)    DA photo
7)    Informal photo
8)    2-3 Letters of Recommendation (comments focused on potential to do outstanding work at a top American university and be an effective college-level instructor)
9)    Letter of Intent (why you want to join DMI/DSS).
If applying for an ACS position in Military Science, address to:
Chief, Military Science
Department of Military Instruction
745 Brewerton Rd, Room 5107
West Point, NY  10996
If applying for an ACS position in Defense & Strategic Studies, address to:
LTC Liam S. Collins
Director, Defense and Strategic Studies Program
745 Brewerton Rd, Room 4130
West Point, NY  10996
The hiring board for ACS candidates takes place throughout the month of December with notifications to the officer NLT early February. 
Note 1:  Resident ILE is a critical planning factor for those interested in pursuing ACS and teaching at USMA.  In most cases, ILE deferments have been approved to ensure officers complete at least a two year utilization at USMA, however this is not guaranteed.  Given this restriction, the target year groups being considered for ACS opportunities starting fall of 2016 are Year Groups 2009-2011.  
Note 2:  If not chosen for ACS, candidates are still encourage to compete for a Direct Fill position. 
Direct Fill - NCO
The Department of Military Instruction has approximately 10 instructor positions for qualified NCOs, generally in the rank of E-7.  NCOs are the primary instructors for the Department’s MS100 – Introduction to Warfighting course. 
Interested NCOs should contact the DMI Senior Enlisted Advisor for openings. 
Civilian Positions
The Department’s military faculty is augmented by an exceptional civilian staff.  When positions are available, they’ll be posted on
Hiring Point of Contact
If interested candidates have additional questions, they can contact the DMI Executive Officer at (845) 938-8723. 
DMI Officer Management Timeleine
The following chart depicts the typical timeline of an officer by year group.