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Military Science

The West Point Core Military Science Program consists of three 40 lesson courses that prepare our cadets for tactical leadership. The program is outcome-based and teaches sound decision-making under pressure.
Cadets initially learn fundamental tactical skills and then progress to solving highly complex tactical dilemmas that require them to apply their knowledge and common sense in finding solutions. Instructors emphasize the principles that underlie U.S. Army Doctrine while avoiding reliance on checklists, set processes and “approved solutions.” Our focus is on creative thinking, guided by the higher Commander’s Intent and an adherence to the Rules of Engagement and the Law of War. The curriculum is designed to strengthen cadet character and adaptability.
By employing a variety of teaching techniques that include heavy use of Tactical Decision-Making Games, simulation exercises, and open discussions, the Military Science Core Program builds the skills and nurtures the attributes and qualities of character that are essential for Army Officers on today’s complex battlefields.
Joint Professional Military Education

Purpose: The purpose of the Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Program is to introduce cadets to the other military services, foster within cadets an appreciation for the necessity of Joint Operations, and equip them with a basic knowledge of joint force structures, capabilities, and operations in accordance with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 1800.01, Officer Professional Military Education Policy, 1 March 1996.
JPME Concept: The purpose of the JPME Program at USMA is to integrate joint educational opportunities throughout the 47-month West Point experience. JPME concepts are embedded, when appropriate, in both the Academic and Military Programs. The JPME-related activities meet or exceed the requirements of CJCSI 1800.01A.

Point of Contact:

LTC Fred Huh 
Location: WH RM 5112
Phone: 845-938-8297