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Military Training

The Military Training (MT) branch of the Department of Military Instruction (DMI) plans, coordinates, and executes Cadet Summer Training (CST), and the Sandhurst Competition. MT officers coordinate with the Army Accessions Command to program Army Common Core Tasks (CCTs) concurrent with the Basic Officer Leader Course program, into the cadets' 47-month USMA experience. Every MT officer and NCO instructs Military Science courses during the academic year.

Cadet Summer Training

Cadet Summer Training provides all four classes with challenging, realistic military training commensurate with their respective level of development. The broader purpose is the inspiration and development of each cadet as a future Army officer. Cadet Basic Training (CBT) transitions incoming civilians to cadets and soldiers, and begins to inculcate the skills and values necessary to develop leaders of character fully committed to military service. Cadet Field Training (CFT) introduces cadets to the close ground fight and the associated challenges of leading soldiers in a tactical environment at the team and squad level.  Cadet Leaders Development Training (CLDT) provides opportunities for Cadets to lead platoons, squads, and teams during a tactical scenario while being assessed on their ability to solve complex tactical problems and lead under stress in a field environment.
Points of Contact
Military Training Divison Chief Branching, Accessions, Posting  Basic Officer Leadership Course Videos

LTC Ross Coffey
Location: Rm WH 5106

Phone: (845) 938-2346

LTC Ron Whittle
Location: Rm. WH4127
Phone: (845) 938-0193

Location: Rm. WH5115
Phone: (845) 938-