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Military Training

The Military Training (MT) Division of the Department of Military Instruction (DMI) plans and coordinates resources to support summer term military instruction. It integrates internal West Point capabilities and external Army Command, Army Service Component Command, and Direct Reporting Unit elements. It synchronizes cadet summer term military instruction with physical instruction and character development, and it assesses cadet summer term progress. Within capability, it provides course directors for Military Science Labratory Courses and operations officers for USCC summer regiment and battalions. In coordination with materials prepared by Military Science Division, MT trains and certifies summer term instructors and support personnel. It supports the technical and tactical instruction of the Fourth, Third, and Second Class during the fall and spring.


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The Military Training Division provides unique opportunities for officers and noncommissioned officers. MT officers and NCOs serve as operations and logistics officers and noncommissioned officers at the brigade and battalion level during fall and spring planning and summer execution of cadet summer training. They generate Department of the Army-level requirements in support of the US Corps of Cadets' education, training, and inspiration when planning for the summer term, and they integrate the capabilities of every West Point Major Activity Directorate during execution and assessment of summer term activities. An assignment to the Military Training Division will prepare senior Captains and Sergeants First Class to immediately succeed in key battalion and brigade staff positions upon their return to the Operating Force. It prepares senior Majors for assumption of battalion or squadron command or service in a Centralized Select List key billet. See the Job Opportunities page for more information.

Points of Contact 
Department Deputy Director
LTC Larry Shepherd
(845) 845-4213
Military Training Division Chief
MAJ Aaron Barreda
(845) 938-2346
Military Training Division S3
CPT James Boggs
(845) 938-4304