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Department of Military Instruction : Small Unit Tactics Club

 Small Unit Tactics Club

To provide cadets with the opportunity to conduct challenging and realistic light infantry training at squad and platoon level in order to improve leadership skills and enhance technical and tactical expertise.
CDT Brian Smith
CDT Nick Runyon
Trng. Rm. SGT
CDT Chris Turner
Training SGT
CDT Mark Stepanishen
Supply SGT
CDT Ty Volkman
Feedback from the field:
“My time with the Infantry Tactics Club at West Point provided me with a solid foundation in both individual and collective infantry tasks. My confidence level with leading infantry units up to the platoon level greatly benefited from my time with the club: from understanding doctrine to something as simple but often overlooked as properly supervising rehearsals, the club prepared me more than adequately for the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course.”
2LT Cheval

"I'm glad Cadets are sticking with ITC. I am 1SG in a Infantry Reconnaissance Company but we are pretty much a Rifle Company. We just returned from the field, fininshing off Team Live Fires-just like you guys are doing. Even though 2/3 of these Soldiers saw combat in Ramadi, Iraq- we still worked on the basics. IMT, magazine drills, SAW drum change, TL fire commands, marksmanship, consolidate and reorganize, reporting, CASEVAC. Nothing cute. The TM LFX you are doing- you will see again as a PL-guaranteed. You guys are on the right track- keep it up."
-1SG Dudas
C 3-61 CAV
Mission Essential Task List:
  • Organic infantry small arms proficiency
  • Understand and apply Troop Leading Procedures
  • Execute squad and platoon battle drills
  • Develop land navigation skills
  • Cultural integration with allied forces