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Combatives Classes


Course Director: Ms. Melisa Jackson


Cadets blocking A cadet throwing an opponent Cadets striking and blocking A cadet performing a bent arm bar A cadet performing a straight arm bar Cadets practicing elbow strikes

Fundamentals of Combatives (PE115)
This course exposes Cadets to variety of basic standing and ground skills. Cadets learn how to engage in the free movement range, clinch range, and grappling range. In the free movement range Cadets learn how to strike with their hands and defend themselves. In the Clinch range cadets learn how to close with their opponent, achieve the Clinch, then control their opponent using knees and movement. In the Grappling range Cadets learn how to move into and out of positions and apply submissions and chokes. Body mechanics, aggressiveness, and affective reactions are stressed.

Combat Applications (PE460)
This course provides cadets with a comprehensive set of basic combatives skills suited for a combat scenario. Cadets will learn to respond appropriately to aggression by utilizing proper body mechanics, skills, aggressiveness, and fear management. Two combat ranges of hand-to-hand fighting are taught: 1) Grappling range - cadets learn to fight and win on the ground and, 2) Clinch range - cadets learn to close the distance and control the fight between themselves and an attacker. Cadets will be evaluated on their ability to perform selected combative skills and their capacity to exhibit the warrior ethos and fear management.