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Department of Physical Education Faculty
Name Position Phone E-mail

Barone.png Dr. Ray Barone Assistant Professor/Boxing Course Director 845.938.6292

Bosse.png Mr. Ray Bosse Instructor/Aquatics 845.938.5926

Brechue.png Dr. Bill Brechue Professor/Director Center for Physical Development Excellence 845.938.3950

Carignan.png MAJ Tim Carignan Instructor/Admin Personnel/Recruiting 845.938.5634
Ciccarelli.png CPT Dan Ciccarelli Instructor​/Boxing 845.938.7614

Coelho.png Dr. Jeff Coelho Professor/Dir of Instruction/Military Movement Course Director 845.938.6523

Coughlin.png Mr. Artie Coughlin Facilities/Boxing 845.938.4351

Crowder.png Dr. Todd Crowder Associate Professor 845.938.2667

Daniels.png COL Greg Daniels Director of Physical Education 845.938.3401

Davis.png CPT Mark Davis Instructor/Admin Personnel/Recruiting 845.938.3248

East.png Dr. Chip East Director of Guidance 845.938.2045

Fielitz.png Dr. Lynn Fielitz Associate Professor/Associate Director of Instruction 845.938.6525

Freeman.png Mr. Justin Freeman Instructor/Competitive Sports Company Athletics 845.938.6336
Fulkerson.png Mr. Dustin Fulkerson Instructor/Aquatics 845.938.2744​

Gannon.png Mr. Paul Gannon Instructor/Competitive Sports Brigade Opens​ 845.938.3320​

Germain.png COL Jesse Germain Deputy Director of Physical Education 845.938.7621

Goetz.png Mr. Timothy Goetz Instructor/Military Movement/Snowboarding 845.938.6725

Gregory.png Dr. Robert Gregory Center for Physical Development Excellence 845.938.8085

Hess.png Mr. Greg Hess Instructor/Athletic Trainer 845.938.6244

Kligerman.png Ms. Sue Kligerman Instructor/Military Movement/Combatives/Rock Climbing 845.938.2279

Koppen.png MAJ Tom Koppen Instructor/Program Support 845.938.2744

Liba.png LTC Jonathan Liba Instructor/PE350 Course Director 845.938.4437
Lilly.png CPT Helen Lilly Instructor/Operations​ 845.938.0751​

Lorenzen.png Mr. Dan Lorenzen Instructor/Course Director Combatives 845.938.3864

Luchetta.png MAJ Joe Luchetta Instructor/Instructional Support 845.938.7737
Lilly.png MAJ Rachelle Macon Instructor/Aquatics 845.938.7918​
Magennis.png MAJ Matt Magennis Instructor/Military Movement​ 845.938.2135​

McKenna.png MAJ Laura McKenna Aquatics Instructor/Curriculum Coordinator 845.938.7555

McVan.png Mr. John McVan Assistant Professor /Aquatics Course Director 845.938.5656

Merrigan.png MAJ Beth Merrigan Instructor/Competitive Sports 845.938.5675

Morales.png LTC Hector R. Morales Academy Professor/Dir of Program Support/PE215 Course Dir 845.938.6648

Nenaber.png MAJ Ryan Nenaber Instructor/Operations 845.938.7624

Palmer.png Mr. John Palmer Instructor/Athletic Trainer 845.938.0092
Parks.png CPT Aaron Parks Instructor/Aquatics 845.938.6890​

Stacy.png Ms. Melissa Stacy Instructor/Combatives 845.938.7832

Strickler.png Mr. Dawes Strickler Instructor/Military Movement/Rock Climbing 845.938.3830

Suby.png Mr. Jason Suby Instructor/Athletic Trainer 845.938.5866

Terzic.png CPT Harry Terzic Instructor/Guidance 845.938.2543

Tisserand.png MAJ Clint Tisserand Instructor/Guidance 845.938.5047

VanDam.png Mr. Drew VanDam Instructor/Athletic Trainer 845.938.0238

Wennblom.png MAJ Martin Wennblom Instructor/Boxing/Operations 845.938.8066

Wilson.png CPT Austin Wilson Instructor/Instructional Support – IOCT Testing Officer 845.938.7745

Woods.png CPT Lorilyn Woods Instructor/Instructional Support - Information Technology Officer 845.938.0670

Woodworth.png Dr. Bart “Woody” Woodworth Assistant Professor/Director of Operations and Training 845.938.2969

Yunker.png Dr. Craig Yunker Assistant Professor/Competitive Sports Company Athletics 845.938.6264