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Lifetime Physical Activity Courses


CDT Barnes throws for Ippon An instructor leading a SCUBA trip section Cadets learning to strike in volleyball Cadets playing tennis Cadets in Advanced Combatives A cadet in volleyball class A cadet looking for his next hold Cadets on a Cyling trip Cadets in Weight Training A cadet playing golf Snowboarding class visiting Windham Mountain Snowboarding Class
  • Aerobic Fitness - Dr. Todd Crowder
  • Badminton - Mr. Paul Gannon
  • Basketball - Mr. Arthur Coughlin
  • Cycling - Mr. Jason Suby
  • Combat Grappling - Ms. Melissa Jackson
  • Emergency Water Safety - Mr. John McVan
  • Golf - Mr. Drew Van Dam
  • Lifeguarding - Mr. John McVan
  • Modern Army Combatives Level 1 Certification
  • Raquetball - Mr. Paul Gannon
  • Rock Climbing - Mr. Dawes Strickler
  • SCUBA - Dr. Bart Woodworth
  • Skiing - Dr. Craig Yunker
  • Snowboarding - Dr. Bart Woodworth
  • Soccer - Mr. Paul Gannon
  • Tennis - Dr. Lynn Fielitz
  • Volleyball - Dr. Lynn Fielitz
  • Strength Development - Dr. Ray Barone