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Department of Physical Education Recent Faculty

Photo Name Position  
Photo of CPTAlexander CPT Gerren Alexander Boxing  
Photo of Dr.Barone Dr. Ray Barone Assistant Professor/Boxing Course Director  
Photo of CPTBedard CPT Alex Bedard Boxing  
No Photo Provided COL Kevin Bigelman Acting Department Head  
Photo of CPTCalway CPT Kelly Calway Combatives  
Photo of Dr.Coelho Dr. Jeff Coelho Professor/Director of Instruction  
Photo of Mr.Coughlin Mr. Artie Coughlin Director FOPs  
Photo of Ms.Croak Ms. Kelsey Croak Athletic Trainer/Instructor  
Photo of Dr.Crowder Dr. Todd Crowder Associate Professor  
Photo of CPTFeeney CPT Ryan Feeney Instructor/Aquatics  
Photo of Dr.Fielitz Dr. Lynn Fielitz Associate Professor/Associate Director of Instruction  
Photo of Mr.Fulkerson Mr. Dustin Fulkerson Instructor/Aquatics  
Photo of Mr.Furlong Mr. Daniel Furlong Instructor/Coordinator, Competitive Sports  
Photo of Mr.Gannon Mr. Paul Gannon Instructor/Competitive Sports Brigade Opens  
Photo of COL (Ret.)Germain COL (Ret.) Jesse Germain Academy Professor / Director, Kinesiology Major  
Photo of COLGist COL Nicholas Gist Director, DPE  
Photo of Mr.Goetz Mr. Timothy Goetz Instructor /Military Movement /Snowboarding /Racquetball  
Photo of Mr.Hess Mr. Gregory Hess Instructor/Athletic Trainer  
Photo of Dr.Hewit Dr. Jennifer Hewit Assistant Professor  
Photo of CPTHill CPT Ryan Hill Instructor/Combatives  
Photo of Mrs.Jackson Mrs. Melissa Jackson Director of Combatives  
Photo of Dr.Jaffe Dr. Daniel Jaffe Assistant Professor  
Photo of CPTJuten CPT Richard Juten Instructor/Boxing  
Photo of Ms.Kligerman Ms. Sue Kligerman Instructor/Military Movement/Combatives  
Photo of MAJKobbe MAJ William Kobbe Instructor/Boxing  
Photo of CPTLensing CPT Matthew Lensing Aquatics  
Photo of Mr.Liba Mr. Jonathan Liba Instructor / Course Director, PE215  
Photo of Mr.McVan Mr. John McVan Assistant Professor/Aquatics Course Director  
Photo of CPTMunroe CPT Michael Munroe Aquatics/Company Athletics Coordinator  
Photo of Ms.Nagy Ms. Kimberly Nagy Athletic Trainer/Instructor