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United States Military Academy (USMA) Trademark Licensing Program   

The USMA Trademark Licensing Program was formally established to protect and license the institutional names and identifying marks, the "licensed indicia" of our Academy. These marks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and/or are protected under state and common law. USMA licensed indicia are the exclusive property of the United States Army and managed locally by the USMA Licensing Director. License or authorization is required for any and all use of the licensed indicia.  



​​​​​To view the portfolio of USMA logos, marks, verbiage, and colors please see the Licensed Indicia Sheet.

Note that the Licensed Indicia Sheet is non-exhaustive and absence from this list of a mark used by the U.S. Army or USMA does not constitute any waiver of intellectual property rights. 


Commercial Use

Individuals and organizations wishing to use USMA's trademarks on commercial products must obtain permission to do so by obtaining a license through Learfield Licensing Partners. ​​Learfield Licensing administers the USMA licensing program through a contracted agreement.

For information on Learfield Licensing resources and services, as well as applications for becoming a licensed vendor of the United States Military Academy, please contact the company directly:

Learfield Licensing Partners
ATTN: Licensing Application
8900 Keystone Crossing, Suite 605
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317-669-0808
Web: ​
Email: ​

Crafters and Hobbyists

Individuals wishing to reproduce handmade products for limited distribution may qualify for a USMA Crafter License. This license is managed locally  and issued by USMA. Please contact the USMA Licensing Director ( to see if you qualify for this option. 

Non-Commercial Use

Authorization for non-commercial use is coordinated through the USMA Licensing Director. This includes the use of trademarks by closely affiliated organizations, like West Point Societies, West Point Parents Clubs, and other private affinity groups. This also applies to one-time use requests. **PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large volume of requests, it will take 2 - 6 weeks to process your request. Please plan accordingly, and thank you for your patience.**

Please send the following information to to apply for your closely affiliated license:
1. Organization name and brief description
2. Lead contact name and position/title
3. Physical mailing address 

Please send the following information to to request a one-time use license:
1. Your name and affiliation with the Academy
2. Your physical mailing address
3. Marks you are requesting to use
4. Item you'd like to produce marks on
5. Maximum number of items you'd like to produce


Only officially licensed vendors may produce goods or offer services that bear USMA-licensed indicia. The "Officially Licensed Products" label, displayed at left, assures alumni, parents, and fans that the merchandise on which it appears is officially sanctioned by USMA and that the royalties from all purchases benefit the Academy. To view a list of current licensed vendors please search here  


 Several policy and guideline documents exist related to the use of USMA's marks. These documents are listed below:




For more information:

Licensing Director
United States Military Academy
600 Thayer Road, Taylor Hall
West Point, NY 10996
(845) 938-8762