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As part of the Computer Science major our cadets take part in a variety of activities that we are proud to acknowledge. Each year our program recognizes excellence in scholarship through several different awards. Sponsors for these awards include UPE, IEEE, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Our cadets also have an outstanding record of achievement as recognized by publications, presentations, and outside awards.
Club Officers
  • Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter Special Interest Group in Security, Audit and Control (ACM-SIGSAC): Membership/Leadership actions currently in Progress.

  • UPE Computer Science Honor Society: Elections to be held in Fall 2010.
  • Scholarly Awards
  • 2010 Projects Day Awards:
  • Best Overall Project Black Knight (Garrett Fridline, Dave Niblick, Matthew Wilson, Zach Abrams Nick Terech)
    Runner-up, Best Overall Project Bionic Foot (Sangwook Han, Kevin McFerrin, and Tiffany Taylor)
    Best Computer Science Project Encryption Profiler (Michael Kranch, Roy Ragsdale)
    Projects Day Best Presentation Brigade Personnel Management System (Jesse Castillo and Nathan Lynch)
    Network Science Award n/a (Steven Kinney)
    Best Solution to a Military Problem Demoneye (John Eischer, George Hopkins, and Derek Wales)
    Dr. George M. Krembs Innovation Award Encryption Profiler (Morgan Minton, Michael Steele, Samuel Thode, and Thomas Zastoupil)
    National Security Agency Information Assurance Award Encryption Profiler (Morgan Minton, Michael Steele, Samuel Thode, and Thomas Zastoupil)

  • Computer Defense Exercise (CDX):
  • Iron Eagle Awards CDX (Cadets Alan Lewis, Kevin McFerrin, Reyn Mossman, Samuel Thode, and Eric Zastoupil)
    Departmental Awards
  • Excellence in Courses, Computer Science:
    Spring 2010:
    CS301 Paul Anderson
    CS350 Mark Benson
    CS384 Jeremy Smith.
    CS385 John Rollinson
    CS394 Rafael Garcia-Menocal
    CS403 Rafael Garcia-Menocal
    CS473 Rafael Garcia-Menocal
    CS485 Duncan Michel
    EE360 John Fernandes
    EE375 John Rollinson
    IT383 Stephen Roy

  • Outstanding Computer Science Major Class of 2010: Joseph Schafer

  • First in Computer Science Major Class of 2010: Monte Hoover
  • CS Honor Graduates
  • Class of 2010:
    Monte Hoover
    Joseph Schafer
    Kyle Sullivan
    Michael Steele
  • Publications (Cadet names are in bold)
    Disruptive Technology: Distributed High-Performance Computing. Monte B. Hoover (Dr. Barry L. Shoop)
    Encryption Profiler: A Behavior Based Approach to Profiling Encryption Algorithms. Michael D. Steele, Morgan T. Minton, Samuel C. Thode, and Thomas E. Zastoupil (MAJ Benjamin F. Sangster)
    GPU Computing: The Emergence of a Disruptive Technology. Joseph P. Schafer (Dr. Barry L. Shoop)
    Playstation 3 Cluster Computing: Supercomputing Performance on a Budget. Patrick Hickey and John E. Kimtis (Dr. Barry L. Shoop and Dr. Gregory R. Kilby)
    SentinelBot. John Kimtis, Deonte Dawson, Josh Miles, Jonathan Neidig, Jeremie Regnier, and Harry Stine (MAJ Ryan Ebel)
    X-Bot: A Practical Integrated Systems Design. Kyle Sullivan, Patrick Hickey, Eric Lamb, Richard Norris, and Lance Penhale (Dr. Scott Lathrop and Dr. Robert McTasney)

    G. Conti, S. Bratus, B. Sangster, R. Ragsdale, M. Supan, A. Lichtenberg, R. Perez and A. Shubina; "Automated Mapping of Large Binary Objects Using Primitive Fragment Type Classification; Digital Forensics Research Conference (DFRWS); August 2010.
    G. Conti, S. Bratus, A. Shubina, A. Lichtenberg, R. Ragsdale, R. Perez-Alemany, B. Sangster, and M. Supan; "A Visual Study of Binary Fragment Types"; Black Hat USA; White Paper; July 2010.
    B. Sangster, R. Ragsdale, G. Conti; "Automated Mapping of Large Binary Objects; Shmoocon; Work in Progress Talk; February 2009.
    G. Conti, E. Dean, M. Sinda, and B. Sangster; "Visual Reverse Engineering of Binary and Data Files;" Workshop on Visualization for Computer Security (VizSEC); September 2008.
    D. Brasefield, K. Navas, T. Oconnor; "honeyM: A Framework for Implementing Virtual Honeyclients for Mobile Devices"; ShmooCon Presentation; February 2010.
    T. Oconnor, D. Weber “Grow Your Own Tools: A Taxonomy of Python Libraries Helpful for Forensic Analysis”; SANS Library; Gold GIAC Certified Forensic Analysis.
    M. Weigand; "Build Your Own Predator at a 99% discount"; ShmooCon Presentation; February 2010.
    M. Weigand, B. Haines; "Wireless Mayhem From the Skies"; DEFCON 18 Presentation; August 2010.

  • See our Research Page for research conducted in previous years.