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Military Faculty Positions - Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Faculty
Do I need to I submit my application through the web site?
Yes. USMA has implemented a web application system that is in use by most departments. The web application system allows an applicant to simultaneously apply to multiple departments. You can start your interest form here.
What are the prerequisites for selection?
To be considered for school to earn a Masters degree, you must be on a path to complete branch qualification as a Captain prior to school. Normally this means excellent performance in a Captain's Key Developmental Assignment (Command or equivalent). If you're seeking a Ph.D., you must be very competitive for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. Normally this means outstanding performance in your Major's key-developmental (KD) assignments.
What is a typical tour of duty for an EECS faculty member?
Exact duties vary a great deal, but the following is typical. From arrival in July until school starts in August, you'll engage our Faculty Development Workshop, where you'll learn the basics of teaching at the college level. The first year is often spent teaching in the Core Program. Afterward, you're likely to spend the second summer supporting cadet military training as a trainer or staffer. In the second academic year, you may begin teaching courses in one of the majors - Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Information Technology. In other cases you may remain with the Core Program. The last summer is often spent on scholarly research or on projects directly supporting the field Army. These are coordinated by the officer through one of our Research Centers: Cyber, Network Science, or Photonics. By the final year, many military faculty have earned promotion to Assistant Professor based on demonstrated proficiency in teaching, scholarship, service, and faculty and cadet development. Assistant professors often serve as Course Directors responsible for all aspects of one or more courses, including leadership of other instructors.
When should I apply for a faculty position?
See How To Apply For The Military Faculty.
What functional areas (FA) slots are available in the department?
The EECS Department has the following coded positions:
  • 01 (Branch immaterial).
  • 17 (Cyber Warfare Branch).
  • 26A (Telecommunication Systems Engineering).
  • 26B (Information Systems Management).
  • 40 (Space Operations).
  • 47 (Academy Professor).
  • 51 (Army Acquisition Corps).
  • Assignments at EECS are key-developmental (KD) positions for Majors in FA26 (26A & 26B) and FA40.
    I was commissioned through ROTC, OCS, or directly. Does this prevent me from serving on the faculty?
    Absolutely not! We are constantly on the lookout for qualified officers from all commissioning sources.
    Why are there civilian faculty members at a Military Academy?
    The second word of the USMA mission statement is "educate." The USMA faculty is a professional team dedicated to cadet education. Our civilian faculty members are the professional educators who form the core expertise and continuity of this mission. They also provide a model for cadets of dedicated civilian service to the Nation and the exceptionally high ethical, professional, and personal standards of the worldwide community of educators and scholars. Our civilian faculty members are every as much a part of the Army as our military ones. Working side-by-side with a wide range of wonderful, talented people - civilian and military - is one of the best aspects of a military faculty tour.
    What information / documentation is required for my application packet?
    See How To Apply For The Military Faculty.
    Where do I send the required information and documentation for my application packet?
    See How To Apply For The Military Faculty.
    Where do I send my GRE scores?
    The institution code for USMA is R2924. The department codes are 1203 for electrical engineering and 0402 for computer science.  However, having your GRE scores reported is unnecessary.  You may simply upload your official scores to your online application.
    Do I need letters of recommendation?
    In accordance with the Dean's policy, we no longer consider letters of recommendation in evaluating applicants.  You still have the ability in the online application to upload letters, but they will not be part of the packet that goes before the selection committee.  The one exception is for PhD applicants.  We will consider letters from a former academic instructor/advisor for the purpose of assessing your ability to complete a PhD program within 3 years.
    If selected, what are my options for finding a graduate school?
    We want you to seek admission at the highest quality school where you can succeed. For the most part, you will select courses and schools based on your academic interest, but you may receive some guidance on courses to take based on teaching needs. If you require guidance, immediately contact the respective Teaching Program Director or the Department Deputy Head.
    Can I come visit West Point and the EECS Department?
    Yes! We're always happy to see potential faculty members. Contact the Faculty Recruiting Officer to arrange for office calls.
    Selected Faculty
    Is there any "commander's intent" for school?
    Yes! The Department Head letter of congratulations and guidance for Masters students is [here] and for PhD students [here]. This is required reading for each selectee.
    What are the low, medium, and high cost graduate schools?
    The guidance changes from year-to-year. We want you to apply for the best possible schools without regard to cost. Our intent is that cost should be a tie-breaker, not a determining factor. As a safety measure, you are required to seek acceptance in at least one low cost school.
    What information / documentation is required in my Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) packet?
    The following information should be sent to the Faculty Recruiting Officer:
  • DA Form 1618 (Application for Detail as Student Officer at a Civilian Educational Institution or Training with Industry)—completed and signed. Instructions for completing the DA Form 1618 are at enclosure 5.
  • DA Form 2125 (Report to Training Agency)- With details of what courses you will take
  • Letters of Acceptance with the required information and at least one from a low cost university.
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts for all college level courses taken. If applying to NPS, AFIT, or Syracuse, submit two official transcripts.
  • Official scores for GRE/GMAT (taken within 5 years).
  • Any request for waivers, for example of the 17 year-or-service maximum prior to starting a Ph.D.
  • See the ACS website for more detailed information.
    What information is required in a letter of acceptance from a potential graduate school?
    Letters of acceptance must state the following:
  • Name of officer being accepted.
  • Statement stating acceptance to the school.
  • Tuition cost (resident or non-resident) – must say resident status for universities that grant resident tuition to military students.
  • Degree to be obtained (MA, MS, Ph.D., JD, LLM, etc.).
  • Department and discipline to which admitted.
  • Registration and class start dates.
  • Inclusive dates of the officer’s program of study (imperative that they be accurate).
  • Expected graduation date.
  • Length of academic program (i.e. 33 semester hours or 18 months or 3 semesters).
  • Required prerequisites (if any) and if they can be taken concurrently with the program or must be taken prior to official acceptance into the graduate program.
  • Tuition reduction agreement (if any).
  • Point of contact at the institution.
  • It is usually a good idea to make sure that the school is aware of this requirement since most do not usually have all of this information in their acceptance letters. Another method is to write the letter yourself and ask school admissions officer to endorse it.
    Is the summer semester paid included in my tuition cost?
    Not necessarily. Make sure you address the fees for summer term with the university. You are required to maintain full-time status during the summer, so summer term fees need to be included in your acceptance letter.