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COL Bryan Goda

Professor of Information Technology
US Army
Army Branch:
Signal Corps

Contact Information:

COL Goda is an Academy Professor specializing in Computer Engineering. His assignments include Platoon Leader, Company XO, and Assistant S3, 13th Signal Bn, Ft Hood Texas; HHC Commander, Signal Officer, 4/32 Armor, 3AD, Kirchgoens Germany; C Co Commander, Bn S3, Assistant S3, 143rd Signal Bn, 3AD, Frankfurt Germany and Operation Desert Storm; Bn XO, Bn Commander, G6, 121st Signal Bn, 1ID, Kitzingen Germany and Bosnia Herzegovina; Simulations Officer, Grafenwoehr Germany. He is a graduate of the Signal Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, NBC School, Airborne, Network Planners, Switch Operators Courses, CAS3, CGSC, and Army War College. His academic interests include cache coherency and Silicon Germanium Field Programmable Gate Arrays. He is OIC of the Cadet Chess Club and the Asian Pacific Awareness Club (APAC) and OR for Track and Racquetball teams.