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Professors, Chair Holders, and Fellows [Recent Faculty & Staff Alumni‚Äč]
Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Mr.Adler Mr. Christian Adler Visiting Scientist 845.938.5555  
Photo of Dr.Blair Dr. Jean Blair Vice Dean 845.938.3615  
Photo of Dr.Cassagnes Dr. Cyril Cassagnes Visiting Professor 845.938.1712  
Photo of Dr.Huang Dr. Wenli Huang Professor of Electrical Engineering 845.938.5095  
Photo of COL (Ret.)James COL (Ret.) John James Adam Chair in Information Technology 845.938.5563  
Photo of Dr.Lei Dr. Hansheng Lei Visiting Professor 845.938.5865  
Photo of LTCMcCall LTC Grover McCall Office of the Secretary of Defense Fellow 845.938.0718  
Photo of COLRessler COL Eugene Ressler Professor and Department Head 845.938.6979  
Photo of COLShoop COL Barry Shoop Professor and Deputy Head 845.938.5956  
Photo of Mr.Taylor Mr. Howard Taylor National Security Agency Fellow 845.938.7674  
Photo of Mr.Trope Mr. Roland Trope Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Law 917.370.3705  

Associate Professors
Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLConti COL Gregory Conti Associate Professor 845.938.4628  
Photo of COLDodge COL Ron Dodge Associate Professor 845.938.5569  
Photo of Dr.Hanlon Dr. Peter Hanlon Associate Professor 845.938.2177  
Photo of COLHuggins COL Kevin Huggins Assoicate Professor 845.938.5553  
Photo of COLJacoby COL Grant Jacoby Associate Professor 845.938.6605  
Photo of Dr.Loy Dr. James Loy Assoicate Professor 845.938.5811  
Photo of Dr.Mabry Dr. Frank Mabry Assistant Professor 845.938.2960  
Photo of LTCNowatkowski LTC Michael Nowatkowski Associate Professor 845.938.4927  
Photo of Dr.Okasaki Dr. Chris Okasaki Associate Professor 845.938.5584  
Photo of COLRaftery COL James Raftery Associate Professor 845.938.5565  
Photo of LTCRaymond LTC David Raymond Associate Professor 845.938.3071  
Photo of COLSadowski COL Robert Sadowski Associate Professor 845.938.2858  
Photo of COLShay COL Lisa Shay Associate Professor 845.938.5581  
Photo of COLSobiesk COL Edward Sobiesk Associate Professor 845.938.5575  

Assistant Professors
Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of MAJArnold MAJ Todd Arnold Assistant Professor 845.938.0718  
Photo of LTCBennett LTC Daniel Bennett Assistant Professor 845.938.8418  
Photo of LTCBurrow LTC Guy Burrow Assistant Professor 845.938.6193  
Photo of LTCChewar LTC Christa Chewar Assistant Professor 845.938.5562  
Photo of COLCook COL Thomas Cook Assistant Professor 845.938.7961  
Photo of MAJDeYoung MAJ Mark DeYoung Assistant Professor 845.938.3127  
Photo of LTCEstes LTC Tanya Estes Assistant Professor 845.938.5574  
Photo of MAJHarrison MAJ Robert Harrison Assistant Professor 845.938.5560  
Photo of MAJHeyman MAJ Joseph Heyman Assistant Professor 845.938.5555  
Photo of LTCLanham LTC Michael Lanham Assistant Professor 845.938.6193  
Photo of Dr.Leger Dr. Aaron Leger Assistant Professor 845.938.5323  
Photo of Dr.Leonowich-Graham Dr. Peggy Leonowich-Graham Assistant Professor 845.938.5062  
Photo of LTCMartin LTC Michael Martin Assistant Professor 845.938.5559  
Photo of Dr.Matthews Dr. Suzanne Matthews Assistant Professor 845.938.5577  
Photo of LTCMaxwell LTC Paul Maxwell Assistant Professor 845.938.2056  
Photo of LTCMaymi LTC Fernando Maymi Assistant Professor 845.938.6272  
Photo of LTCNix LTC Timothy Nix Assistant Professor 845.938.3050  
Photo of MAJPetullo MAJ Michael Petullo Assistant Professor 845.938.3029  
Photo of LTCRobertson LTC Glenn Robertson Assistant Professor 845.938.4988  
Photo of CPTRykowski CPT Joshua Rykowski Assistant Professor 845.938.6099  
Photo of Mrs.Schwartz Mrs. Susan Schwartz Assistant Professor 845.938.5579  
Photo of MAJShakarian MAJ Paulo Shakarian Assistant Professor 845.938.3642  
Photo of MAJTate MAJ Ryan Tate Assistant Professor 845.938.5003  
Photo of LTCViall LTC Kenneth Viall Assistant Professor 845.938.5561  
Photo of CPTZehnpfennig CPT John Zehnpfennig Assistant Professor 845.938.5558  

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of MAJBlaine MAJ Raymond Blaine Instructor 845.938.5580  
Photo of MAJCunningham MAJ John Cunningham Instructor 845.938.5572  
Photo of MAJEum MAJ Julianna Eum Instructor 845.938.6911  
Photo of CPTJenkins CPT Louis Jenkins Instructor 845.938.3528  
Photo of MAJMoses MAJ Kyle Moses Instructor 845.938.5606  
Photo of CPTNorth CPT William North Instructor 845.938.5094  
Photo of CPTOlson CPT Karl Olson Instructor 845.938.6240  
Photo of MAJQuimby MAJ Benjamin Quimby Instructor 845.938.5865  
Photo of MAJRapp MAJ Matthew Rapp Instructor 845.938.5607  
Photo of CPTSpruce CPT Jeremy Spruce Instructor 845.938.5607  
Photo of LTCStoker LTC Geoffrey Stoker Instructor 845.938.2193  
Photo of MAJVuong MAJ Trung Vuong Instructor 845.938.0681  

Staff Directors
Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Ms.Blackmon Ms. Clare Blackmon CRC Chief of Administration 845.938.6184  
Photo of Ms.Cowen Ms. Angie Cowen Executive Officer 845.938.6980  
Photo of Mr.Dick Mr. Bradley Dick Department Engineer, Engineering Support Staff 845.938.5554  
No Photo Provided Ms. Melanie Kelly CRC Administration 845.938.6184  
Photo of Mr.Riegner Mr. Mark Riegner Director of Engineering, Technology, and Logistics Support 845.938.4134  
Photo of Ms.Torgerson Ms. Tish Torgerson NetSci Center Chief of Administration 845.938.0804  

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Mr.Blackmon Mr. William Blackmon Master Machinist, Engineering Support Staff 845.938.4627  
Photo of Dr.Evans Dr. Daniel Evans NetSci Research Analyst, Network Science Center 845.938.0803  
Photo of Ms.Gizzi Ms. Janine Gizzi Executive Assistant, Administrative Staff 845.938.6979  
Photo of Mr.Latimer Mr. Lance Latimer IT Specialist 845.938.1832  
Photo of Mr.Lee Mr. Samuel Lee IT Specialist Contractor, Computer Support Staff 845.938.5557  
Photo of Mr.McKay Mr. Robert McKay Master Electronics Fabricator, Engineering Support Staff 845.938.5585  
Photo of Ms.Pittman Ms. Vernette Pittman Supply Technician, Engineering Support Staff 845.938.4656  
Photo of Mr.Spreer Mr. Tim Spreer Master Electronics Technician, Engineering Support Staff 845.938.7613  
Photo of Mr.Villani Mr. Joseph Villani IT Specialist, Computer Support Staff 845.938.8698  
Photo of Mr.Wong Mr. Gaylen Wong Unix Operations, Computer Support Staff 845.938.2158