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About UsĀ 
We are West Point Equestrian
We are the Team of Dedication
We are the National Champions of Excellence
Every one of us had the heart and attitude to give our full effort at all times, to sacrifice for the good of the team and to hold each other to our standards. Every one of us has the dedication and desire to excel, to drive ourselves toward knowledge and excellence as we train and complete. We totally believe in ourselves, our team concept and our staff, and we maintain that belief all year long. So complete is our respect for each other that we can set personal pride aside to accept criticism and offer help for the good of the team. We accept success as the norm for West Point Equestrian, and thus we are committed to rise above any and all circumstances. This attitude allows us to finish every practice and every show with a desire for greater learning.
We Win as a Team
Every practice, every day, we hone our concentration. We are committed to correctness and evenness from the opening class, and when we mount up, every one of us instantly knows to let go of doubt, ride our ride, go for the blue, and leave the competition dusting off their breeches. We embrace challenge. We are poised riders who enter the ring with an understanding of our horse and the skill to succeed. We have done it before and we will not be denied.
We Ride for the Love of it. We Win Because of This
Our trademarks are dedication and attitude. We do the little things every day in practice and in caring for our horses that produce the big things in competition. We take pride in our ride. The day is ours and we go get it.
We are the Team of Excellence and Then Some
We are West Point Equestrian