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Flying Team : About


The mission of the West Point Aviation Club (WPAC) is to provide cadets leader and military skills development opportunities through the experiences of developing, executing, assessing, and continually improving a Flying Team training program. The specific goal of the WPAC is to win regional and national intercollegiate flying competitions (hosted by the National Intercollegiate Flying Association,

The team greatly appreciates the generous donations of our supporters. If you’d like to support the West Point Aviation Club, contact our team officer-in-charge, Lt. Col. Ron Whittle, at


Gray Membership

  • Actively participate in Private Pilot Ground School (min 50% attendance rate to remain on club roster)
  • Complete three FAA Written Practice Tests with minimum score of 80%
  • If attended min 70% of PPGS lessons, take the FAA Written Test
  • Participate in Aviation Club mentorship and education opportunities

Black Membership

  • Successfully complete FAA Written Test (Private Pilot)
  • Interview with CIC and OIC
  • Participate as a non-flying member of Flying Team

Gold Membership

  • Possess Private Pilot Certificate & current Med Certificate
  • Interview with CIC and OIC
  • Participate as a flying member of Flying Team