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Furlough : FAQs

Furlough Questions & Answers
(Updated 4 Oct 2013, 4:15 pm)

West Point staff, faculty and workforce,

USMA has collected information and the answers to frequently asked questions here. Please review. If you have further questions, please contact us at

We understand that this is causing challenges. We can all get through this together.

Requesting Unemployment Compensation
​​Furloughed employees are being asked for Leave & Earning Statements (LES) back to April 2012 by the State Unemployment Offices. Because that information can only be obtained from the Defense Injury and Unemployment Compensation System (DIUCS), furloughed employees should tell unemployment offices to fax wage and earnings requests to the Army Benefits Center - Civilian Unemployment Branch. The ABC-C Unemployment Branch contact information is as follows:

Army Benefits Center - Civilian
301 Marshall Ave.
ATTN: Unemployment Branch
Ft. Riley, KS 66442

Fax number (785) 240-3643
Phone Number (785) 239-8661

Civilian Pay

Pay Date October 3, 2013. According to DFAS, all employees will be paid for recorded hours from 8-21 September.

Pay Date October 17, 2013. According to DFAS, all employees are expected to be paid for recorded hours from 22-30 September.

DoD is still determining when employees will be paid for time worked on and after 1 October 2013. If you have additional questions concerning this matter, please contact Lisa DeGrave, x3616.

TSP loans

If you have an outstanding loan and you are furloughed, your loan payments will stop because they are deducted from your pay. Loans are not considered in default until the participant has missed more than 2½ payments. If you miss a loan payment (or two) as a result of the furlough, you always have the option to make direct payments to the TSP using the Loan Payment Coupon available in the Forms & Publications section on the TSP Web site. Otherwise, your loan term will be extended or, if you have requested the maximum loan term, you may have a balloon payment at the end of the loan term. If you miss more than 2½ payments, TSP will notify you by mail that you must mail in a personal check for the “cure” amount to get your loan back on track.

Questions and Answers (as of October 4, 2013)

Q: Will employees get paid for a holiday that occurs during a shutdown furlough?

A: No. Employees (to include all excepted personnel) who do not work on a holiday will not receive pay for a holiday that occurs during a shutdown furlough.

Q: Based on the language contained in the Pay our Military Act signed by the President, will excepted employees receive paychecks?

A: Awaiting guidance from OSD. They are currently reviewing the language in the bill to confirm intent.

Q: What should furloughed employees do once an appropriation or continuing resolution is enacted?

A: If an appropriation or continuing resolution is enacted during the duty day, furloughed employees will report to work or request leave in accordance with normal leave procedures. If an appropriation or continuing resolution is enacted during non-duty hours, employees will be expected to report to work on the next regular duty day.

Q: How will employees pay for healthcare coverage if they are not receiving a paycheck, will their healthcare benefits be cancelled?

A: Health insurance coverage will continue during the government shutdown. Premiums owed will be collected at a later date once employees are receiving their paychecks again. No insurance coverage will be cancelled.

Q: The NYS unemployment website states that I need a notification of personnel action (SF-50) that states I am furloughed. Where do I get this document?

A: The SF-50 documenting furlough will not be initiated until after the furlough is over. Employees should provide a copy of their furlough notice and SF-8 as proof of furlough status. If the NYS Unemployment Office questions that, please provide them with the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center phone number (845) 938-3943, and we will explain why there is no SF-50 at this time.