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Adjutant General : TAC NCO Program

Strength Management

Duty Description
The Tactical Non-Commissioned Officer is the senior NCO and an essential developer of leaders for a company of cadets at the United States Military Academy. Daily duties and scope; First Sergeant for cadet company, United States Corps of Cadets; responsible for the health, welfare, and discipline of 125 future officers; counsels, trains, and develops cadet Corporals and Sergeants on all aspects of Army operations from company to brigade level; teaches and supervises Drill and Ceremony; monitors and conducts military training and the inspection of company areas and formations; assists in the overall development of the cadets to assume the position of Platoon Leader upon graduation from the United States Military Academy. He or she will work in a Tactical team with a Captain or Major to establish a proper command climate within their respective companies; also assist each cadet in balancing and integrating the requirements of physical, military, academic and moral-ethical programs. They will exemplify the high standards that are expected of the NCO Corps. The Tactical NCO is the first senior NCO that will have great influence over cadets; he/she must be in the top 10% of the NCO Corps.
The basic criteria for this assignment are:
  • Have a strong desire to serve in a critical position at USMA
  • Staff Sergeant (P), with PSG time
  • Sergeant First Class with 9-14 years of service
  • Highly successful Drill Sergeant and/or PSG duty
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong physical attributes
  • Authorized MOSs
    11B, 21B, 21C, 13B, 14S, 14T, 19D, 19K, 25U, 63X, 88M, 91W, 92A, 31B, 88N, 15P 
    Automatic Disqualifications
    3+ years time in grade as a SFC
    Master Sergeant
    Not authorized MOS
    Currently on the AWCP
    History of APFT failure
    History of poor performance
    Relief for cause NCOER
    Currently serving in a TDA assignment
    Tactical NCOs are nominative positions and require a review of the following. NCOs seeking appointment duty as a Tactical Noncommissioned Officer should send the information in a packet to the USCC CSM.
  • Letter stating your desire to be assigned as a Tactical NCO
  • Letter of recommendation from your Commander
  • Letter of recommendation from your Battalion Commander or Command Sergeant Major
  • Latest NCOER
  • ERB
  • Send this information in a packet to:
    United States Military Academy
    ATTN: MACC-S-PER (CSM Dawn Rippelmeyer)
    Washington Hall, Building 745B
    West Point, New York 10996-1692
    Educational Opportunity
    Tactical NCOs are provided the opportunity to attend college courses while at West Point during off duty hours. Educational advancement is highly encouraged for all Tactical NCOs. Mount St. Mary’s College, Long Island University , St. Thomas Aquinas, and online agencies all offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs through West Points Educational Center .
    Tactical NCO positions are extremely competitive. All prospective candidates are screened in the recruitment process. All Tactical NCOs selected have promotion potential and have been successful platoon sergeants. Tactical NCOs return to the Army ready to serve in command positions.
    If you would like to compete for a position, contact the Brigade Tactical NCO and Department of Military Instruction NCO for positions available and then begin building a packet. For more information regarding the Tactical Non-Commissioned Officer position, contact the USCC CSM at West Point:


    • Commercial telephone: (845) 938-0064  
    • DSN telephone: 688-0064 


    • Commercial telephone: (845) 938-7904  
    • ​​DSN telephone: 688-7904

    The United States Military Academy is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.