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Cadets Make Great Scientific Contributions with Projects and Independent Study

Rainwater Harvesting on FOBs.
CDTs Binkerd, Kilby, Reilly.  3 May 2012 
Alternative Disinfectant for the Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU)
CDTs Bailey, C. Johnson, Stanley. 3 May 2012
Recycling Plastic Water Bottles on FOBs 
CDTs Darsey, Hutchison, Nordt. 3 May 2012 
NBC Water Treatment System for the Individual Soldier
CDTs Burker, H. Johnson, Pham.  3 May 2012


Testing Removal Efficiency in Locally Constructed Bio-sand Filters

 CDT H. Johnson. 3 May 2012


Designing an Environmentally Mindful West Point Teaching Garden

CDT B. Potts.  3 May 2012


Assessing the Impact of USMAPS Construction on the Health of Sinclair Brook

CDT D. Redding.  3 May 2012


Bringing Water to Yonkers:  Collection and Utilization of Rainwater for Urban Garden Irrigation

CDT M. Van Sickle.  3 May 2012


Polonite as a Viable Solution to Removing Lead and Phosphate in Firing Range Soils

CDTs Lennox and Pearce.  28 Apr 2011


Solar Cookers from Junk Cars

CDT D. Thueneman.  28 Apr 2011


Optimizing Yield on a North Carolina Farm

CDT C. Saunders.  28 Apr 2011


Optimization of Demonstration Scale Water Treatment Plant

CDT E. Nelson.  28 Apr 2011


Determining Specific Groundwater Discharge in a Porous Media Aquifer using a Passive Flux Meter (PFM)

CDTs Hirschey, Liesenfelt.  28 Apr 2011


Electrocoagulation of Wastewater using a Ferric Sacrifical Anode

CDTs Sauter, Lennon, Park, McCarty.  28 Apr 2011


Electrocoagulation of Wastewater using an Aluminum Sacrificial Anode

CDTs Rath, Kelton, Calvert, Chelednik.  28 Apr 2011


Farm Based Waste to Energy: Creating Electricity from Poultry Manure

CDT I. McAlister.  28 Apr 2011


Evaluating Site Remediation Options for a Massive Petroleum Spill in Greenpoint, NY

CDTs Mendez, Moore, Moravec, Rissberger.  28 Apr 2011


Predicting Contaminant Arrival Times using the CVBEM with Optimal Nodal Location

CDT S. Gorzelnik.  28 April 2011