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Who We Are 

Engineers and Scientists for a Sustainable World (ESSW) is a cadet-led club whose purpose is to develop and implement local sustainability policies and increase cadet knowledge of the causes and consequences of human impacts on the natural world.  The club is extracurricular and is intended to enhance classroom learning through outside-the-classroom experiences and service.  ESSW is a recognized chapter of the national organization, Engineers for a Sustainable World.


What We Do

The ESSW accomplishes its mission through appropriate venues and events.  In the past few years, the club has identified key events that define it.  These events are:
RecycleMania Recycling Sculpture Final Four
            a. Welcome Back BBQ: Each Fall, the club hosts a welcome back BBQ for Club members.  The purpose is for fellowship and camaraderie amongst the faculty and cadets. 
            b. January New Major Induction Ceremony: Within the first two weeks of the Spring Semester, ESSW hosts an induction ceremony to welcome the those cadets who have declared majors in Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering. 
            c. RecycleMania: RecycleMania is a national intercollegiate recycling competition that seeks to improve recycling systems on university campuses across the US and Canada.  ESSW coordinates and executes the competition for the USCC.  One of the most popular programs ESSW hosts is the RecyleMania Recycling Sculpture competition with its own, special Final Four each Spring.  The RecycleMania Officer each year is an ESSW member. 
            d. Robinson Memorial Cleanup: This annual community service project occurs in the spring traditionally within the last two weeks of the semester.  The Robinson Memorial is located on post between the Jewish Chapel and Arvin Gym.  Mr. Arthur Robinson was a former GENE instructor and a devoted naturalist. Cadets spend several hours landscaping his memorial, raking leaves, cleaning the reflecting ponds, and edging the pathways in his honor.


Who Can Join 

Cadets majoring in Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science are automatically enrolled in the club.  Cadets with a strong interest in sustainability or environmental activities are also encouraged to join.  A cadet stays active in the club by attending scheduled meetings, volunteering for service projects or group events, and filling leadership positions.

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Contact Us

If you are interested in our ESSW student chapter, contact:

 MAJ Ran Du

  • (845)-938-3124
  • Washington Hall Room 5413
  • Or send an e-mail to our Cadet-in-Charge, CDT Megan Blaney


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