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Environmental Science


Definition - An integrative, holistic, science-based study of how human activity affects and is affected by the physical, biological, and chemical processes that shape the environments.


Purpose - Provides key insight into the current environmental issues of our time for the purposes of minimizing environmental degradation and promoting sustainability. 


Description - Environmental science is a broad field that seeks to connect the natural sciences (Biology, Ecology, Geology, Meteorology) that describe the environment with the human activities of business, industry, and government.  This program is designed to be flexible and relevant and to help you prepare to solve our most pressing unsolved problems (reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, eliminating the CO2 emissions which are driving climate change, stopping population growth).  The major is broad enough to give you options (law school, grad school, medical school, employment at all levels of government, business) and deep enough to give you an expertise. 




Coho salmon swimming upstream




Foundation Courses
Complete the five courses listed below:
CH375 Introduction to Biology
EV365 Geography of Global Cultures
EV388A Physical Geology
EV471 Ecology
EV487 Environmental Security
Atmosphere Electives
Complete one of the following courses:
EV387 Meteorology
EV389B Climatology 


Tools Electives
Complete one of the three courses listed below:
CH385 Introduction to Cell Biology
EV377 Remote Sensing
EV398 Geographic Information Systems


Depth Electives
Complete two of the seven courses listed below:
CH383 Organic Chemistry I
CH384 Organic Chemistry II
EV391A Land Use Planning and Management
EV391B Environmental Geology
EV396 Environmental Biological Systems
EV398 Geographic Information Systems
XS391 Principles and Application of Environmental Chemistry 
All course descriptions can be found in the West Point Course Catalog known as the "Red Book." 

Wetland, Benedictine Bottoms, KS
Who Should Study Environmental Science - Cadets who like science and care about the outdoors, preserving wild places, and a sustainable future for all would enjoy this major. 

Cadet Projects and Independent Studies 


 For more information, contact Dr. Marie Johnson, 845-938-4855.