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Department of Geography & Environmental Engineering : Environmental Summer Leaders Seminar

Summer Leaders Seminar

Environmental Program 
Total Time (2.5 hours)
Basic Properties of Drinking Water
o   Clarity
o   Smell
o   Taste
o   Temperature
o   Risk to human health
History of Water Planning and threats to Public Health
o   Roman Aqueduct system
o   1675 discovery of microorganisms
o   1817 cholera spread along trade route
o   Cholera and its relationship to water
Laboratory exercise with microscopes
o   Find and try to identify microorganisms with a microscope
o   Known pathogens in our water
o   Try to find known pathogens in source water
o   fresh runoff
o   Hudson River
o   wetland swamp
Because pathogens are difficult to find, we take precautions and treat our water.  
BREAK – Snack and restroom break
Measure the quality of water?
o   We look at Turbidity, pH, TSS, TVS, NOM, coliform, chemicals, etc. 
o   In SLS we will only look at Turdity and pH, along with our microscope
Change the quality of water
o   Sedimentation
o   Filtration
o   Disinfection
Use various portable filters to treat three source waters and calculate removal efficiency
o   fresh runoff
o   Hudson River
o   wetland swamp
Measure turbidity and pH before AND after treatment using a turbidimeter and pH meter