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Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLThompson COL Wiley Thompson Department Head 845.938.4035  
Photo of COLRead COL Mark Read Deputy Head 845-938-2472  
Photo of MAJMiller MAJ Patrick Miller Instructor / Operations Officer 845-938-4400  


 Geography Program

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLLohman COL Andrew Lohman Geography Program Director 845.938.2930  
Photo of Dr.Malinowski Dr. Jon Malinowski Human Geography Director 845.938.4673  
Photo of Dr.Krakowka Dr. Amy Krakowka Associate Professor 845.938.3735  
Photo of Mr.Melkon Mr. John Melkon Director, CMCMO 845.938.5126  
Photo of Dr.Wolfel Dr. Richard Wolfel Associate Prof. , Chair of Intercultural Competence, CLCRS 845.938.8798  
Photo of MAJIreland MAJ Jay Ireland Instructor 845-938-4622  
Photo of Dr.Kalkstein Dr. Adam Kalkstein Assistant Professor 845.938.3403  
Photo of MAJKnox MAJ Richard Knox Instructor 845-938-3042  
Photo of MAJMacPherson MAJ Douglass MacPherson Instructor 845-938-3986  
Photo of MAJMalcomb MAJ Dylan Malcomb Assistant Professor 845.938.3093  
Photo of MAJMcCarthy MAJ David McCarthy Instructor 845-938-3094  
Photo of MAJSchwan MAJ Gavin Schwan Instructor 845-938-3540  
Photo of MAJSturm MAJ James Sturm Instructor 845-938-3161  
Photo of MAJTansey MAJ Colin Tansey Instructor 845-938-4658  


Environmental Program

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Dr.Johnson Dr. Marie Johnson Program Director and EV Science Curriculum Coordinator 845.938.4855  
Photo of Dr.Butkus Dr. Michael Butkus Environmental Engineering Curriculum Coordinator 845.938.2820  
Photo of LTCDacunto LTC Philip Dacunto Academy Professor 845.938.5287  
Photo of LTCSmith LTC Mark Smith Greening Initiative Coordinator 845.938.3136  
Photo of LTCStarke LTC Jeffrey Starke Environmental Sequence Curriculum Coordinator 845.938.4265  
Photo of LTCKimball LTC Mindy Kimball Assistant Professor 845-938-5421  
Photo of MAJKoban MAJ Lauren Koban Instructor 845-938-4135  
Photo of MAJNahabedian MAJ Robert Nahabedian Instructor 845.938.4620  
Photo of MAJRobbins MAJ Cristian Robbins Assistant Professor 845.938.0207  
Photo of CPTDu CPT Ran Du Instructor 845-938-3124  
Photo of CPTHaith CPT Matty Haith Instructor 845.938.3093  
Photo of CPTRogers III CPT Richard Rogers III Instructor 845-938-3938  
Photo of CPTZgonc CPT David Zgonc Instructor 845-938-2679  


Geospatial Program

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Dr.Brockhaus Dr. John Brockhaus Program Director 845.938.2063  
Photo of COLFleming COL Steven Fleming Center for Geographic Science (CEGS) Director 845.938.2326  
Photo of LTCEdson LTC Curtis Edson Assistant Professor 845.938.4826  
Photo of LTCOxendine LTC Chris Oxendine Assistant Professor 845-938-5421  
Photo of MAJConner MAJ Jeremy Conner Instructor 845-938-3253  


Administrative & Technical Staff

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Mr.Dirtman Mr. Dirtman  
Photo of Mr.Ipri Mr. Richard Ipri Map Library Custodian 845.938.4322  
Photo of Ms.Keller Ms. Jean Keller Administrative Supervisor 845.938.3129  
Photo of Ms.Martin Ms. Stephanie Martin Department Assistant IT Administrator 845.938.4729  
Photo of Ms.Ortega Ms. Veronica Ortega Department & GSL IT Administrator 845.938.4729  
Photo of Ms.Quell Ms. Kimberly Quell Environmental Technician 845.938.0973  
Photo of Ms.Roser Ms. Sharon Roser Department Head Secretary 845.938.3418  
Photo of Mr.Shetty Mr. Anand Shetty Environmental Engineer 845.938.4767