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Summer Leaders Seminar

Geospatial Information Science
The Science Behind The Map
This workshop focuses on the rapidly growing discipline of Geospatial Information Science (GISc). Have you ever wondered how MapQuest works? Do you enjoy computer gaming and high-tech gadgets? If so, you’ll love this workshop. See how the military uses and translates these concepts into real world applications. Students will be exposed to global positioning systems (GPS), real-time mapping operations, high resolution satellite imagery, geographic information systems (GIS), fly-through simulations and terrain modeling.
The Geospatial Information Science Workshop Planned Activities
Terrain Visualization Examples
  • Maps
  • Solid Terrain Models
  • Aerial and Satellite Imagery
  • Anaglyphic Representations
  • Holographic Terrain Viewing
  • Terrestrial Fly-Thrus
  • Gaming Engines
  • Data Collection : Garbage IN = Garbage OUT SLS_11.png
  • Satellite and Aerial Systems
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Other Survey Tools
  • Gesture Based Devices 
  • Geospatial Immersive Video/Imagery
  • Data Viewing, Analysis and Modeling on Computers
  • BREAK - Go to Bathroom and Eat Snacks
    Data Viewing, Analysis and Modeling on Computers
  • GeoTagged imagery
  • Commercial Mapping with:
    • Google Map
    • Google Earth
    • Bing maps 
  • Anaglyphic Viewing with FreeD
  • Immersive Media viewing
  • Digital Terrain Visualization
    • USMA Fly-Thru
    • Afghanistan Fly Thru
  • Modeling and Simulation - Gaming