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Geospatial Information Science Major

Geospatial Information Science courses are taught with extensive hands-on use of digital technology in the Geographic Science Laboratory (GSL) and in the field. Cadets use GPS, view and analyze satellite imagery, build map databases and produce maps with state of the art hardware and software. Click on a course to find out more.
Honors Program
Cadets with excellent academic record can participate in the Geospatial Honors Program. Honors Cadets take the following two courses:
  • EV489A Independent Study in Geospatial Information Science
  • An additional elective course
    Space Activities Skill Identifier
    Did you know that Cadets majoring in Geospatial Information Science receive a ace Activities) Skill Identifier on their official military record [Click here for more information from the FA40 Space Operations Website]
    The Geospatial Information Science Major is accredited by the Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation.