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Majoring in Geography

We understand that choosing a major is a difficult decision and hope that this section of the site will help you to better understand our two majors. Currently we offer two majors, Human Geography & Environmental Geography. Each also has an honors option for students who want to delve deeper into the discipline.
Human Geography
The Human Geography Major has been one of the most popular at the Academy over the past decade. Human geographers study the location & distribution of human culture, economic activity, and political patterns on the Earth’s surface. They are widely employed by transnational corporations, domestic businesses, non- governmental organizations, and government agencies. The major is a great choice for anyone interested in international topics, culture, social issues, a military career, or development. To learn more, click here.
Environmental Geography
The Environmental Geography major is one of the best choices for cadets interested in environmental issues, human-environment interaction, or the natural landscape of the Earth. Environmental geographers examine the relationship between people and their environments and look at both how humans adapt to the environment and how environments are altered by humans. EV geographers are employed by businesses and organizations involved in environmental analysis or which focus on environmental issues. To learn more, click here.