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Orienteering Skills Workshop
The United States Military Academy Orienteering Team will host a weekend workshop 27-29 Sep 2013 in order to teach the fundamentals of Orienteering. This workshop can be used by scouts to complete the majority of the Orienteering Merit Badge requirements. Upon finishing the clinic, scouts will have completed tasks 1-7 of the Merit Badge requirements while getting experience on white, yellow, and orange level courses. Scouts will participate in various exercises and practical applications, culminating with the orienteering courses. This weekend is sure to be exciting for all participating. All questions and comments can be sent to the Cadet in Charge (CIC), CDT Mark McCormick. We encourage any and all questions pertaining to the weekend's activities, and will continue to update the website with information.

This year we will host the Orienteering Skills Workshop at West Point's Lake Frederick

Orienteering Skills Workshop 2013 Flyer

Dates: Friday 27 Sep 2013 through Sunday 29 Sep 2013
Cadet in Charge: CDT Mark McCormick