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Conference Background

The West Point Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is a biennial event hosted by West Point's Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership. The GLC first began in 2001 as a direct result of the generosity of Steven and Suzanne Lamb (USMA 1980, Harvard MBA), Jim Sharman (USMA 1982) and John Garrison (USMA 1982).  The Lamb Endowment allows West Point to host a conference every two years that brings together individuals from all walks to life to discuss ideas related to leader and leadership development.

Past GLCs include: 

2001: Learning to Lead: Developing a Professional Identity for Front Line Leaders
2003: Developing Frontline Leaders
2005: No Conference
2007: Leadership on Point: Developing Leaders for a Dangerous World
2009: Understanding the Human Dimension in an Era of Persistent Volatility
2011: Serving, Learning and Leading: Creating and Engaging Leaders in Global Citizenship


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