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Cold War Staff Ride
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Spring Break 2015 *** Application Period Now CLOSED***
OIC: LTC(R) Raymond Hrinko and CPT Erik M. Davis

The Department of History will conduct a Cold War Staff Ride to gain an appreciation for the general narrative and conduct of the Cold War in Europe, its effects on the people of Eastern Europe, and the nature of resistance to Soviet influence and governance in Eastern Europe. This staff ride will also serve to immerse cadets in the cultures of Central and Eastern Europe. Cadets selected for this staff ride will study historical accounts, professional articles, select books, and relevant movies prior to departure as a means of better appreciating the history of the Cold War in Eastern Europe. Each cadet will be expected to become an expert in one to two topics to be covered during the staff ride and to act as a discussion leader for his or her peers during the trip. We anticipate sending two faculty members and eight cadets on the staff during Spring Break from 13-22 March 2015.

We have broken the traveling Staff Ride into three phases:
·  The first phase will take place in Berlin and will use the German capital as a microcosm for the final phases of WWII and the duration of the Cold War. We will investigate how the Cold War and Soviet occupation affected the remembrance of World War II and the Holocaust. We will then look at how Berlin developed as a divided city during the Cold War and conclude with a look at the East German security state and how the East German Secret Police (Stasi) sought to maintain control of East Germany.
·  The second phase will take place in and around Prague in the Czech Republic and will focus on life behind the Iron Curtain. We will be guided through Prague by man who grew up in communist Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s and participated as a teenager in the Velvet Revolution. Our time in Prague will be used to explore the sites of the Prague Spring resistance in 1968 and the Velvet Revolution in 1989. These sites will help us understand how the people of Czechoslovakia lived during the Cold War. Leaving Prague, we will stop in some smaller towns and agricultural communes to understand the lasting influence of life behind the Iron Curtain.
·  The third phase of our trip will take us to Budapest, Hungary. During our time in Budapest, we will focus on the theme of resistance through a study of the failed 1956 Revolution. We will follow the movements of the student revolutionaries, the Hungarian government, and the Soviet occupational army. During a visit to Statue Park and the Terror House, we will seek to determine how this history of uprising has influenced Hungary's remembrance of the Cold War.
Download and complete the application 2014 CWSR Application.pdf2015 CWSR Application.pdf. You must also submit a letter of recommendation from a history instructor. Ask your instructor to send the recommendation by email directly to CPT Erik M. Davis. Application period is now closed until next fall. 
If you have any questions, contact CPT Erik M. Davis at x5598 or