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Department of History : Faculty New



Photo Name Position  
Photo of COLSeidule COL Ty Seidule Department Head  




Photo Name Position  
Photo of Dr.Bucher Dr. Greta Bucher Acting Deputy Head  
Photo of COLMusteen COL Jason Musteen Academy Professor (Military Division Chief)  
Photo of LTCSculley LTC Seanegan Sculley Academy Professor (American Division Chief)  
Photo of Dr.Waddell Dr. Steve Waddell Professor (International Division Chief)  





American Division



Photo Name Position  
Photo of LTCMiller LTC Joel Miller Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.McDonald Dr. Robert McDonald Professor  
Photo of CPTGriffin CPT Benjamin Griffin Instructor  
Photo of Dr.Boczar Dr. Amanda Boczar Assistant Professor  
Photo of MAJMcGovern MAJ Rory McGovern Instructor and American Division Counselor  

 International Division


Photo Name Position  
Photo of Dr.Frey Dr. David Frey Assoc Prof / Director Center Holocaust and Genocide Studies  
Photo of Dr.Nimick Dr. Thomas Nimick Associate Professor  
Photo of LTC (Ret.)Hrinko LTC (Ret.) Raymond Hrinko Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Hosein Dr. Rasheed Hosein Assistant Professor  
Photo of LTCHeffington LTC Robert Heffington Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Mukerjee Dr. Anil Mukerjee Assistant Professor  
Photo of MAJHutton MAJ Richard Hutton Instructor  
Photo of MAJKeating MAJ Christine Keating Instructor  
Photo of CPTMartin CPT James Martin Instructor  
Photo of CPTCohen CPT Matthew Cohen Instructor  
Photo of CPTBergman CPT Mark Bergman Instructor  

Military Division


Photo Name Position  
Photo of LTCBlack LTC Frederick Black Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Gioe Dr. David Gioe Asst. Professor & Cyber History Fellow, Army Cyber Institute  
Photo of MAJAskew MAJ Mark Askew Instructor  
Photo of CPTHatzinger CPT Kyle Hatzinger Instructor  
Photo of CPTHope CPT Gregory Hope Instructor  
Photo of CPTLe Vay CPT Jason Le Vay Instructor  
Photo of MAJGriswold MAJ Brendan Griswold Instructor  
Photo of CPTSalinas CPT Antonio Salinas Instructor  
Photo of LTCDoss LTC John Doss Assistant Professor  
Photo of LTCMoore LTC Tomas Moore Assistant Professor  
Photo of MAJBrands MAJ Benjamin Brands Instructor  
Photo of Dr.Coumbe Dr. Arthur Coumbe Assistant Professor  
Photo of Mr.Vigna Mr. John Vigna Assistant Professor  
Photo of LTCSiry LTC Dave Siry Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Stapleton Dr. John Stapleton Associate Professor