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Department of History : Faculty New



Photo Name Position  
Photo of COLSeidule COL Ty Seidule Department Head  
Photo of COLYoshitani COL Gail Yoshitani Associate Professor & Acting Deputy Head  




Photo Name Position  
Photo of Dr.Bucher Dr. Greta Bucher Professor (International Division Chief)  
Photo of COLDaddis COL Greg Daddis Academy Professor (American Division Chief)  
Photo of LTCMusteen LTC Jason Musteen Academy Professor (Military Division Chief)  





American Division



Photo Name Position  
Photo of LTCTumino LTC John Tumino Instructor  
Photo of CPTEhlers CPT Mark Ehlers Instructor  
Photo of Dr.McDonald Dr. Robert McDonald Associate Professor  
Photo of MAJHann MAJ Shauna Hann Instructor  
Photo of CPTSjursen CPT Daniel Sjursen Instructor  
Photo of MAJDavis MAJ Erik M. Davis Instructor and American Division XO  
Photo of MAJMcGovern MAJ Rory McGovern Instructor  
Photo of MAJForney MAJ Andy Forney Assistant Professor and American Division Counselor  
Photo of Dr.Pearlman Dr. Lauren Pearlman Assistant Professor  

 International Division


Photo Name Position  
Photo of Dr.Frey Dr. David Frey Associate Professor  
Photo of Dr.Nimick Dr. Thomas Nimick Associate Professor  
Photo of LTC (Ret.)Hrinko LTC (Ret.) Raymond Hrinko Assistant Professor  
Photo of Dr.Hosein Dr. Rasheed Hosein Assistant Professor  
Photo of MAJHorst MAJ Daniel Horst Instructor and Head Counselor  
Photo of MAJMcCormack MAJ Nathan McCormack Instructor  
Photo of LTCHeffington LTC Robert Heffington Assistant Professor  
Photo of LTCRademacher LTC Franz Rademacher Assistant Professor  
Photo of CPTJennings CPT Nathan Jennings Instructor  
Photo of CPTCouch CPT Jonathan Couch Instructor and International Division Counselor  
Photo of MAJHalub MAJ Jason Halub Instructor and International Division XO  
Photo of MAJCollins MAJ Logan Collins Instructor  
Photo of CPTDrohan CPT Brian Drohan Instructor  
Photo of Dr.Mukerjee Dr. Anil Mukerjee Assistant Professor  
Photo of MAJMoreno MAJ Ezekiel Moreno Instructor  

Military Division