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Department of History : US Army West

US Army West
May 23 – June 2
OIC: MAJ Ryan Shaw
A/OIC: MAJ Courtney Short
A new Staff Ride being offered for the first time this year, the US Army in the West Staff Ride examines the diversity of the Army’s role in the 19th Century American West, from exploration to road and rail development, to settlement defense and Indian Wars.
The trip will take us through some of the most beautiful wilderness in North America, from the plains of eastern Montana across the Rockies into Idaho. Cadets will experience Custer’s Last Stand at Little Bighorn, retrace Lewis and Clark’s expedition by canoe and horseback and examine the flight of the Nez Perce at Whitebird.
Preparatory work will include 4-6 meetings prior to the Staff Ride and readings focused on Jerome Greene’s Nez Perce Summer 1877 and James Donovan’s A Terrible Glory. Cadets will also read and analyze selections from the Journals of Lewis and Clark.
NOTE: This is an exciting, physically demanding Staff Ride that involves camping and traveling by horseback and canoe for days at a time (particularly as we trace the footsteps of Western explorers). When we examine the battlefields, we will stay in nearby hotels.
Applications should include a personal statement as described on the History Department AIAD homepage, a letter of recommendation from a History Instructor and the attached application. Letters from Instructors outside of the History Department are acceptable if a cadet has not yet taken a course in History at West Point.
Complete this application if you are interested in attending this staff ride.
Submit your application NLT 1600 15 NOV 2010 to MAJ Ryan Shaw or MAJ Courtney Short