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Institute for Innovation and Development

Background:  In May 2011, BG Trainor directed that the Academic Research Division & the Center for Teaching Excellence integrate under single leadership.  Further he provided intent that the integration include a Dean’s level ‘center’ to develop faculty excellence resourcing and outreach.  These organizations should also take a strong staff role in policy and compliance. ARD and CTE leadership participated in this redesign.  Further, an information gathering trip was conducted to the United States Air Force Academy, US Coast Guard Academy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and Texas A & M as well as benchmarking with similar organizations posted on the web.  Within West Point, information was gathered from the Dean’s Staff, Department sampling, ARC leadership and discussions with existing research centers.

Mission:  The West Point Innovation Institute is focused on maximizing the effectiveness and synchronization of the Faculty’s Research, Teaching, and Outreach efforts to operate at the leading edge of cadet education and development.

Vision:  In this time of constricting resources, the West Point Innovation Institute seeks the partnerships, collaborations, ideas and resources that empower our faculty to continue to innovate, share and grow as leaders of cadet education and development.  Through our faculty, West Point will remain a top national college, the nation’s primary leader developer, and a brand recognized internationally.  Through our faculty, the Army, DOD, and US Government have access to a pool of intellectuals capable of working the hardest problems.

Five Key Functions:


-Research & Outreach Development

-Faculty Excellence Training and Education

-Research Policy and Compliance

-Faculty Development Policy and Compliance

-Communication of Faculty Excellence, Research, and Outreach



Organizational Design:  The West Point Innovation Institute will grow from its baseline, operationally funded TDA positions


POC:  COL John M Graham,, JH131