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Department of Law : Faculty_Dev


Academy Professors

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Dr.Apperson Dr. Jay Apperson Assistant U.S. Attorney, Visiting Professor & DOJ Fellow 5545  
Photo of Bakken Tim Bakken Professor of Law (845) 938-5544  
Photo of CPTBronowski CPT Charles Bronowski Assistant Professor 5546  
Photo of Casey Thuy Casey Classroom Aide (845) 938-5542  
Photo of Christoff Suzanne Christoff Assistant Professor (845) 938-3259  
Photo of Clark Robert Clark Assistant Professor (845) 938-4874  
Photo of LTCCox LTC Wendy Cox Assistant Professor and DAC (845) 938-5550  
Photo of COLDalition COL David Dalition Assistant Professor 2488  
Photo of DiSarro Anthony DiSarro Assistant Professor (845) 938-5548  
Photo of Doyle Norma Doyle Secretary to the Department Head (845) 938-3510  
Photo of CPTEldredge CPT Nicole Eldredge Assistant Professor (845) 938-5546  
Photo of LTCFelsman LTC Janine Felsman Assistant Professor 5548  
Photo of LTCGariepy LTC Steven Gariepy Assistant Professor (845) 938-4543  
Photo of Goldstein Robert Goldstein Distinguished Professor (845) 938-2269  
Photo of MAJGrant MAJ Patrick Grant Assistant Professor (845) 938-5549  
Photo of CPTGross CPT Jonathan Gross Assistant Professor 5546  
Photo of LTCJacobs LTC Christopher Jacobs Assistant Professor (845) 938-4542  
Photo of MAJJanko MAJ Sabra Janko Assistant Professor (845) 938-4542  
Photo of LTCKemkes LTC Matthew Kemkes Assistant Professor (845) 938-2615  
Photo of LTCKramer LTC Michael Kramer Assistant Professor (845) 938-5545  
Photo of CPTLai CPT David Lai Assistant Professor, Executive Officer 2817  
Photo of CPTMarshall CPT Cynthia Marshall Assistant Professor 938-2817  
Photo of MAJMcCarthy MAJ Amy McCarthy Assistant Professor (845) 938-5547  
Photo of CPTMilikowsky CPT Matthew Milikowsky Assistant Professor (845) 938-4164  
Photo of LTCNarramore LTC Walter Narramore Assistant Professor 938-5818  
Photo of Pacenza Sharen Pacenza Office Supervisor (845) 938-2571  
Photo of MAJPowell MAJ Trenton Powell Assistant Professor and Executive Officer (845) 938-3398  
Photo of LTCReeves LTC Shane Reeves Deputy Department Head  
Photo of CPTRunyan CPT Devon Runyan Assistant Professor 5547  
Photo of COLRyan COL Maritza Ryan Professor & Deputy Department Head 3510  
Photo of Solis Gary Solis Adjunct Professor  
Photo of COLToole COL Mark Toole Academy Professor 3398  
Photo of Trope Roland Trope Adjunct Professor  
Photo of CPTVargo CPT Steven Vargo Assistant Professor 4164  
Photo of LTCVisger LTC Mark Visger Assistant Professor 5550  
Photo of COLWallace COL David Wallace Department Head (845) 938-2312  
Photo of Wellman Mark Wellman Assistant Professor (845) 938-5115  
Photo of Welton Mark Welton Professor of International and Comparative Law  
Photo of MAJWhite MAJ Thomas White Assistant Professor 4543  
Photo of LTCWilliams LTC Winston Williams Assistant Professor (845) 938-3510  
Photo of Yon Rachel Yon Assistant Professor (845) 938-0882