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Jefferson Statue

Liaisons by Name

Chemistry and Life ScienceMilitary InstructionPhysics & Nuclear Engineering
Michael ArdenGeography & Environmental EngineeringSocial SciencesJH 219(845)
Suzanne ChristoffLawJH 418(845)
Dawn CrumplerElectrical Engineering & Computer ScienceJH 134E(845)
Edward DaceyHistoryJH 218(845)
Celeste EvansPhysical EducationJH 221(845)
Darrell HankinsBehavioral Sciences & LeadershipJH 225(845)
Susan LintelmannEnglish & PhilosophyJH 420B(845)
Alicia Mauldin-WareSystems EngineeringJH 420D(845)
Elaine McConnellForeign LanguagesUSMA Preparatory SchoolJH 314(845)
Laura MosherCenter for Enhanced PerformanceCivil & Mechanical EngineeringJH 222(845)
Karen SheaMathematical SciencesJH 224(845)