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United States Military Academy Library : SpecialCollections_pdfs

Jefferson Statue

Special Collections

Finding Aids

17th and 18th Century Manuscript Guide
19th Century Manuscript Guide
20th Century Manuscript Guide
Alphabetical Locator of Graduates and Former Cadets
List of Cadets from Origin until June 1937
Orderly Book finding aid
World War II Manuscript Guide

Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduate

Volume 1 1891 Cullum numbers 1-1000 
Volume 2 1891 Cullum numbers 1001-2000 
Volume 3 1891 Cullum numbers 2001-3384 
Volume 4 1900 Cullum numbers 1-3993 
Volume 5 1910 Cullum numbers 1-4935 
Volume 6A 1920 Cullum numbers 1-4338 
Volume 6B 1920 Cullum numbers 4339-6810 
Volume 7 1930 Cullum numbers 1-9026 
Volume 8 1940 Cullum numbers 1-12239 
Volume 9 1950 Cullum numbers 1-18016 

Centennial of the United States Military Academy

Centennial Volume 1 Addresses and Histories 1802-1902 
Centennial Volume 2 Statistics and Bibliographies 1802-1902 

Superintendent's letter book - Robert E. Lee

Daily Correspondence of Brevet Colonel Robert E. Lee

Memoirs of Gen. Joseph Gardner Swift

Part-1 Part-2 Part-3 Part-4

Sol Feinstone Lecture, The Meaning of Freedom

01. The Meaning of Freedom by General Harold K. Johnson
02. The Meaning of Freedom by Rear Admiral Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr.
03. The Meaning of Freedom : The Words on the Liberty Bell by Herman Wouk
04. The Meaning of Freedom by Sidney Hook
05. The Meaning of Freedom by Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.
06. The Meaning of Freedom : An Inquiry into the Persistence of Unwisdom in Government by Barbara W. Tuchman
07. The Meaning of Freedom : Freedom and the Soldier by Alistair Cooke
08. The Meaning of Freedom : Freedom and Literature by Isaac Bashevis Singer
09. The Meaning of Freedom : On the Nature on Freedom by Dr. Carl E. Sagan
10. The Meaning of Freedom by George F. Will
11. The Meaning of Freedom by Hanna H. Gray
12. The Meaning of Freedom by Milton Friedman
13. The Meaning of Freedom : The Potemkin Place by Daniel Patrick Moynihan
14. The Meaning of Freedom by Tom Wolfe
15. The Meaning of Freedom by Elie Wiesel
16. The Meaning of Freedom : An Education for Freedom by A. Bartlett Giamatti
17. The Meaning of Freedom : An Education for Freedom by Dr. Richard Selzer
18. The Meaning of Freedom by Dr. John Stoessinger
19. The Meaning of Freedom by Fred Friendly
20. The Meaning of Freedom by Dr. Orlando Patterson
21. The Meaning of Freedom by Terry Anderson
22. The Meaning of Freedom by Madeleine K. Albright
23. The Meaning of Freedom by Dr. Doris Kearns Goodwin
24. The Meaning of Freedom by Dr. Stephen J. Gould
25. The Meaning of Freedom by Pete Seeger
26. The Meaning of Freedom by Richard P. Matsch
27. The Meaning of Freedom by H. Ross Perot
28. The Meaning of Freedom by Michael Eric Dyson
29. The Meaning of Freedom : Challenges to America in the Twenty-First Century by Dr. Harm de Blij
30. The Meaning of Freedom : The Story of American Freedom by Eric Foner

Tactical Officer Education Program Papers

1919: MacArthur's Vision of West Point's Future Warriors
Academic Electives at West Point: A Future-Oriented Philosophical Change
Admissions Process During the USMA's First Century
Application & Acceptance Process in the Antebellum Period
Cadet Disciplinary System: From Confusion to Clarity, 1802-1833
Cadet Field Training: Third Class Summer 1945-Present
Captain Alden Partridge: Superintendent During its Formative Year
Civilianization of the Faculty: A Change Whose Time Had Come
Codification of Physical Development at USMA
Colonel Herman J Koehler: Father of Physical Education at West Point
Come Fill Your Glass Fellows, But Why?
Contributions of Captain Alden Partridge to USMA 1806-1817
Contributions of West Point Graduates: The Pre-Thayer Era 1802-1817
Corps of Many Colors: Evolution of Minority Recruiting
Dennis Hart Mahan (1802-1871) and His Influence on West Point
Discipline: The Foundation of USMA's First Thirteen Years
Evolution & Extinction of Hazing at USMA
Hazing: The Formative Years
Herman J Koehler: Father of West Point's Physical Education 1885-1923
Honor Versus Regulations: Victory for the Honor System
Implementing Change to Counter Attrition 1965-1974
Integrating International Cadets at USMA
Moral-Ethical Development at West Point: An Essential Task
Oliver Otis Howard's Superintendency
Overcoming Obstacles to Cadet Military Training 1939-1943
Ranked Into a Branch of the Army Between 1818-1833
Redesigning the Program of Military Instruction at West Point
Reflection of the Army: West Point & Counterinsurgency 1962-1968
Respect for Others: A Bedrock of Leadership
Role Without Focus: Moral Development at USMA Thru 1910
Scrambling Cadet Classes: A Sacrifice of Stability
Scrambling: A Leader Development Tool Misutilized
Secession: A Crack in the Long Grey Line
Sectional Strife at Antebellum West Point
Service to the Nation: Yet Another Tradition at USMA
Superintendency of Maxwell D Taylor: Modernization of the Curriculum
Superintendency of Maxwell D Taylor: Seeds of Leader Development
Tactical Training for the Corps of Cadets 1918-1942
The 1989 Middle States Accreditation Study
The Academic Board Versus Sylvanus Thayer
The Association of Graduates of USMA: 1869 to 1902, the Healing Years
The Cadet Chain of Command and the West Point Class of 1915
The Cadet Physical Fitness Test
The Demise of USMA's Engineer Detachment as Trainers
The First Black Cadet at West Point: James Webster Smith
The Fourth Class System: 192 Years of Tradition
The Fourth Class System: Forged in Tradition
The History and Evolution of Fourth Class Knowledge
The Legacy of Alden Partridge
The Origins Behind the Cadet Leader Development System
The Origins of the Thayer Disciplinary System
The Resignations of 98 West Point Graduates as a Result of the Seminole War
The Tactical Noncommissioned Officer
The Tactical Officer's Education Program
Tradition of Silence: Antecedents of the Pelosi Affair
Turmoil in the USMA Summer Encampment 1919-1923
USMA's Struggle for Survival in the Age of Jackson
USMA: Seedbed for American Military Thought 1865-1881
West Point and the Active Duty Service Obligation 1950-1964
West Point and the Post-World War II Years: From Bullets to Books
West Point's Involvement in the Development of the USAFA 1946-1955
West Point's Mission Statement: A Necessary Condition for Survival

USMA Library Publications

No. 1 Cadet Life Before the Mexican War
No. 3 The Beginning of the West Point Library
No. 10 Edgar Allan Poe - The Army Years
Raphael Guastavino: Vaulted structures at West Point
Robert W. Weir of West Point
Illustrator, Teacher and Poet
Water Color and Drawings by Brevet Major General Truman Seymour, USMA 1846

The West Point Thayer Papers

Volume 1 Calendar of contents and preliminary matter. 
Volume 2 Letters 1808-1817 
Volume 3 Letters 1818-1822 
Volume 4 Letters 1823-1828 
Volume 5 Letters 1829-1833 Appendix 
Volume 6 Calendar of papers 1834-1872
Letters 1834-1843 
Volume 7 Letters 1844-1845 
Volume 8 Letters 1846-1855 
Volume 9 Letters 1856-1861 
Volume 10 Letters 1862- 
Volume 11 Bibliography and Index 


Columbian Exposition Album,
Chicago 1893
Orderly Book North Redoubt,
West Point 1781
Truman Seymour Sketchbook  
West Point 2002 and Beyond  
West Point Sesquicentennial 1802-1952