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Jefferson Statue 

Goal: The USMA Library partners with faculty and staff to equip cadets with the information fluency skills to conduct meaningful scholarship while becoming life-long learners, critical thinkers, and effective leaders.

  • Coordinate first-year library instruction sessions.
    • We will standardize learning objectives and avoid replication of content for plebes who may attend multiple library instruction sessions across different courses.

  • Create library instruction based on information literacy threshold concepts.
    • We will develop instruction modules as outlined in Teaching Information Literacy Threshold Concepts Lesson Plans for Librarians

Goal: The USMA Library acquires, makes available, and maintains outstanding academic information resources designed to support the curriculum.

  • Continue project to expand control over unique materials.
    • We will continue scanning of additional unique materials, creation of documentation files on each collection, re-housing and re-organizing collections, and the creation and editing of bibliographic records using our contract partner. 
  • Implement Aeon software to improve accountability and efficiency in unique resource operations.
    • This system will provide item-level management of unique materials as well as researcher management and tracking. 

  • Develop a systematic plan for preservation and restoration of materials.
    • We will identify a preservation binding company and a plan for working through our most critical preservation/restoration needs.

  • Develop a NACO funnel for military-interest work.
    • This is a collaborative program with other institutions that will improve bibliographic control for name entities, especially military units and persons. 

Goal: The USMA Library offers a collaborative, engaging place for scholarship, study, and the pursuit of academic excellence.

  • Implement an online room reservation system.
    • This will allow users to view and request access to certain spaces online with more consistency, greater policy adherence, and less staff intervention.

  • Evaluate first floor acoustic remediation and consider additional work on the sixth floor.
    • We will assess the new acoustic ceiling treatments on the first floor and determine whether or not to expand the installation.

  • Host Forbidden Art exhibit in coordination with the Polish Mission and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.
    • We will host this exhibition in early 2017 in collaboration with the Office of the Superintendent and the Department of History.

Goal: The USMA Library curates and shares the story and history of West Point and the Academy with the world.

  • Begin full service operations for unique resources in Bartlett Hall.
    • We will relocate staff and reader space to the West Point Room, implement standard research/service hours, and use of additional library staff in support of the service point due to growth in demand for access to unique resources.  

Goal: The USMA Library delivers timely and effective digital and place-based service to support study, scholarship, and intellectual development.

  • Coordinate with IETD to offer basic Gold Coats service within Jefferson Hall for cadets.
    • We will establish a small service area on our main service floor for basic technology support during evening hours.

  • Implement a virtual reference service on our library website.
    • We will implement an online chat tool that will connect users of the library's website to library staff for assistance as needed.

  • Implement a personal librarian program for all incoming plebes.
    • We will develop a communication/marketing plan to assign librarians to incoming plebes to give them a familiar connection to our services.

Goal: The USMA Library builds and maintains a robust, diverse suite of digital tools and infrastructure to support innovative academic information service.

  • Establish a structured web development review workflow to deploy timely web updates.
    • We will increase the frequency of updates to the website and develop a communication stream to inform staff of future changes.

Goal: The USMA Library studies and shares the effectiveness, impact, and value of information services to support the mission of USMA.

  • Implement metric indices for measuring overall effectiveness of library service.
    • We will develop metric models to weight various inputs in order to create a trackable index of library service levels and quality.

Goal: The USMA Library develops and manages human and financial resources to support delivery of outstanding information service.

  • Move the library administrative offices to the third floor of Jefferson Hall.
    • We will centralize all library staff within library footprints in Jefferson/Bartlett Halls, and allow for reconfiguration of space outside the library security perimeter within Jefferson to better support other operations of the Office of the Dean.


The proponent for this Dean’s Policy Operating Memorandum is the Librarian and Associate Dean, USMA, USMA Library, Office of the Dean, MADN-LIB, x3833.

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