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Jefferson Statue

Goal: The USMA Library partners with faculty and staff to equip cadets with the information fluency skills to conduct meaningful scholarship while becoming life-long learners, critical thinkers, and effective leaders.

  • Finish redesign of primary service locations and duties on the second floor.
    • We will complete our work to build out our plan for services and transition to new models for staff support of users.

  • Offer a mobile app for interacting with library services.
    • We will plan and deploy a multi-platform app offering access to library services and a pathway for library communication with users.

  • Develop a marketing initiative around the value of library instruction.
    • We will work to design a marketing initiative to focus primarily on faculty in order to increase integration of library instruction within the curriculum.

Goal: The USMA Library acquires and maintains outstanding academic information resources designed to support the curriculum.

  • Begin a project to expand bibliographic control over unique materials.
    • We are seeking additional funding to support much greater control over unique materials through contract work. This includes a focus on manuscript collections and finding aids.

  • Develop and implement spending plans for all library gift funds.
    • Now that several of our endowed funds have modified and broadened scopes, we will plan and design more comprehensive spending plans for these resources.

Goal: The USMA Library offers a collaborative, engaging place for scholarship and study.

  • Occupy our service areas within Bartlett Hall North.
    • We will relocate operations to support our unique materials into the Bartlett Hall North facility once renovations are complete.

  • Institute a facility issue tracking system.
    • This will allow staff to easily track current/closed work orders regarding issues within Jefferson Hall in one central location (mobile/web-based).

  • Implement digital signage for better messaging and awareness throughout Jefferson Hall.
    • This will focus on entrances and the first floor rotunda, but may be expanded elsewhere. It will provide real-time event information as well as marketing for events in Jefferson Hall.

  • Expand public wireless access within Jefferson Hall.
    • We will continue to expand the ability for public access to external Internet services throughout open/meeting spaces within Jefferson Hall.

  • Plan for workspace redesign to support new organizational model.
    • We will develop a plan for staff workspaces in order to align with our new organizational design.

  • Install new access control systems through Jefferson Hall.
    • This will replace our existing proximity card system to integrate with the broader post access system. It will also allow us to better define our internal security perimeter and expand electronic access to areas of the facility not currently covered.

  • Plan for acoustic remediation on the first and sixth floors of Jefferson Hall.
    • This will involve planning to add cloth ceiling treatments for sound absorption throughout these spaces.

Goal: The USMA Library advances the role of scholarship and research within the Academy and the Army.

  • Expand our virtual services and infrastructure.
    • We will do a comprehensive review of how we deliver information via virtual services to better support both our users and our staff. This includes reconsidering our library FAQs, library instruction modules within Blackboard, digitally-based finding aids and research guides, as well as considering new web-based do-it-yourself tools and interfaces.

Goal: The USMA Library shares the story and history of West Point and the Academy with the world.

  • Expand our digitization program.
    • We will create a defined plan and path forward to systematically add unique resources to our digital collections for online discovery and delivery.

Goal: The USMA Library develops and grows leaders in academic information service.

  • Expand technology and customer service skills across the staff.
    • The skills required for library staff are evolving to be more digitally-based. We will expand skills of staff to address this. We will also look at how we interact with users as well as with fellow staff members to maintain the highest levels of professionalism.

  • Implement organizational redesign within staff positions.
    • Rewrite position descriptions at the staff level and realign staff within new positions where appropriate.

Goal: The USMA Library collaborates and builds relationships with our peers locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Increase the number of staff who participate in external professional development opportunities.
    • We will continue to build leaders in information service by expanding the number of staff who are active in professional events both on state, regional, and national levels.


The proponent for this Dean’s Policy Operating Memorandum is the Librarian and Associate Dean, USMA, USMA Library, Office of the Dean, MADN-LIB, x3833.

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