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Jefferson Statue

Goal: The USMA Library partners with faculty and staff to equip cadets with the information fluency skills to conduct meaningful scholarship while becoming life-long learners, critical thinkers, and effective leaders.

  • Develop standard online tutorials and assessment for information literacy.
    • We will take advantage of a redesign of staff peer leadership assignments to expand our online tutorials and assessment program for information literacy in order to better support programs across the curriculum and assess their effectiveness.
  • Write comprehensive guide to library services for new instructors.
    • While all liaison librarians have some experience with new instructor orientation, consistent and comprehensive information should be imparted to all new instructors. We will develop a core set of resources and procedures to be shared with all new instructors as
      a basis for stronger collaboration.
  • Redesign reference and research services.
    • With several major features of our primary service floor redesign complete, we can now focus on re-envisioning our support for research assistance to library users both on and off-site. This will involve redesign and relocation of the primary service point for reference and research support.

Goal: The USMA Library acquires and maintains outstanding academic information resources designed to support the curriculum.

  • Review and expand academic support statements.
    • Building upon our existing department and curriculum-focused support statements, we will refine and expand these with greater granularity regarding collection priorities, information literacy integration points, collaborative endeavors, and inclusion of related academic centers and programs within the primary academic support statement.

Goal: The USMA Library offers a collaborative, engaging place for scholarship and study.

  • Expand mobile infrastructure within Jefferson Hall.
    • We require broad availability of technology supporting
      mobile devices and tools within Jefferson Hall and will work with IETD/G6 to build out capability in this area.

  • Relocate the Circulation Desk to the first floor and define a new library security perimeter for library collections and personnel.
    • We will install and staff a new service point in the entry rotunda of Jefferson Hall along with a new collection security system. These changes, coupled with new door security, will create a new perimeter around USMA Library spaces within Jefferson Hall.

  • Implement an online room reservation system and improve support for events.
    • We will seek iterative progress toward online reservations for USMA Library-controlled facilities, most notably the Haig Room and associated sixth floor facilities.

  • Renovate, refresh, and repair the Alexander M. Haig Jr. Room and associated facilities.
    • We will refinish the floors, acquire new furnishings, and redesign our procedures for facility accountability in order to provide more complete oversight for facility use.

  • Replace classroom furniture and other infrastructure.
    • We will replace classroom chairs and audiovisual infrastructure in need of lifecycle replacement.

Goal: The USMA Library advances the role of scholarship and research within the Academy and the Army.

  • Re-energize and expand our digitization program.
    • With expanded staffing and more stable digital asset management tools in place, we will design and implement an expanded program to digitize important scholarly materials to include collections from the USMA Library and other Academy partners.

  • Implement a digital institutional repository.
    • We will review and assess existing infrastructure with regard to the need for long-term access to digital materials across the Academy. This will likely result in deployment of additional tools and services to support these requirements.

Goal: The USMA Library shares the story and history of West Point and the Academy with the world.

  • Install interpretative historical panels for the Class of 1975 Terrace.
    • We will complete the design and installation of a series of interpretative historical panels on the Class of 1975 Terrace to provide visitors with basic information regarding the history of the Plain and sights visible from Jefferson Hall. These panels will also include brief historical information regarding libraries at West Point.

Goal: The USMA Library develops and grows leaders in academic information service.

  • Develop and build our customer service skills.
    • We will place special emphasis on customer service skills in our professional engagement and development initiatives over the coming year and seek to assess improvements
      in customer service across our services and service points.

  • Develop a long-term plan to reorganize the structure and staffing of USMA Library.
    • Based upon initial strategic planning begun in spring 2014, we will establish a path forward to streamline our existing organizational structure with special emphasis on forward-thinking services and collections. We will also look toward space planning and design within our existing structure to best support this organizational design.

  • Develop a long-range and sustainable plan for human resources support in partnership with CPAC.
    • Given current staffing levels, anticipated retirements, and staffing changes in the future, we will partner with the Office
      of the Dean and the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center to set us on a sustainable path for support.

Goal: The USMA Library collaborates and builds relationships with our peers locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Define a marketing and outreach program and staff.
    • We will continue to build upon existing initiatives to create a more finely-crafted marketing plan and program while continuing to consider staffing requirements in this area to support ongoing and future initiatives.


The proponent for this Dean’s Policy Operating Memorandum is the Librarian and Associate Dean, USMA, USMA Library, Office of the Dean, MADN-LIB, x3833.

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