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Goal: The USMA Library partners with faculty and staff to equip cadets with the information fluency skills to conduct meaningful scholarship while becoming life-long learners, critical thinkers, and effective leaders.

  • Develop a comprehensive guide to library services for new instructors
    • While all liaison librarians have someexperience with new instructor orientation, consistent and comprehensive information should be imparted to all new instructors. We will develop a core set of resources and procedures to be shared with all new instructors as a basis for stronger collaboration.
  • Harmonize and expand our research and tutorial guides in LibGuides
    • We will work to harmonize our existing research guides according to our new strategy document and expand our tutorial and research guide offerings in support the curriculum.
  • Reconsider how we provide research assistance to cadets, faculty and staff through reference and other services
    • We will evaluate and design a comprehensive program to provide research assistance to cadets, faculty, and staff which will include a review of reference and liaison services.
  • Develop or acquire an information literacy baseline assessment instrument
    • (a) We will develop or acquire an online assessment instrument that will allow cadets and faculty to gain a basic evaluation of their information-based skills and capabilities. This tool can serve as a mechanism to promote library instruction and/or serve as a benchmarking tool for cadets.

Goal: The USMA Library acquires and maintains outstanding academic information resources designed to support the curriculum.

  • Implement a discovery service
    • Discovery services are now considered the standard research interface for most academic libraries. After reviewing products and vendors, we will be ready in summer 2013 to implement a new service. We will work over the academic year to provide support to cadets, faculty, and staff on using this new system.

  • Research and implement a replacement system for inventory control and collection security
    • Our current Bibliotheca RFID system has reached the end of its functional life. We will explore alternatives for inventory management/circulation of materials as well as collection security systems.

  • Implement revised processes for acquisitions, particularly for monographs and gifts
    • (a) We have developed and revised policies regarding gifts and continue to develop policies for budget management and acquisitions. We will apply these into our standard workflows.

  • Move and redistribute our collections between Jefferson Hall, Bartlett Hall North, and the Library Annex
    • We will arrange for installation of new compact shelving in our permanent collections space in Bartlett Hall North and transfer materials therein from both the Library Annex and Jefferson Hall.

  • Implement a digital institutional repository
    • This system will allow us to store, describe, and deliver digital objects with appropriate metadata and version control. This will allow us to expand services to academic support areas and deepen service to faculty and centers who have existing collections of digital and digitally-capable content.

  • Develop an operations dashboard of key metrics
    • This will allow greater awareness of critical data to allow better decision-making and assessment of current services. It will include more transparent budget and resource reporting.

  • Expand the universe of unique digital material available through our institutional repository
    • We will add existing digitized content from Special Collections & Archives into our institutional repository and develop a forward-looking plan for additional digitization work. We will also pursue partnering with other organizations such as the Combating Terrorism Center to include their unique content.

  • Address cataloging/collection management issues for legacy collections
    • We have a number of areas where access to materials can be improved, particularly those items relocating from the Library Annex: the Early European Imprint Collection, historical government documents, periodicals, orientalia, LPs, and the remainder of the Sinnott collection.

Goal: The USMA Library offers a collaborative, engaging place for scholarship and study.

  • Begin implementation of our plan to reorganize the second floor of Jefferson Hall
    • We will move forward to relocate certain features and services of the second floor of Jefferson Hall per our plan. This will result in the ability to host an external exhibit in spring 2014.

  • Implement an online room reservation system and improve support for events
    • Using SharePoint and existing DPOMs and LPOMs, we will develop an interactive system for facility room reservations and formalize staff policies and procedures to ensure smooth customer contact before, during and after events.

  • Establish better accountability of furnishings and equipment
    • We will identify and inventory library furnishings and technology equipment using an automated system in order to improve tracking and aid in funding for maintenance, repair, and replacement.

  • Expand mobile infrastructure within Jefferson Hall
    • We require broad availability of technology supporting mobile devices and tools within Jefferson Hall and will work with IETD/G6 to build out capability in this area.

  • Implement a print management solution for public library print queues
    • To promote better awareness and management of printing resources, we will deploy a management system to provide certain limits on printing for public queues.

  • Design a regular rotation of displays/exhibits on the second floor of Jefferson Hall
    • We will expand previous initiatives in support of themed displays of library materials with a more comprehensive plan for rotating materials on display on our main service floor.

Goal: The USMA Library advances the role of scholarship and research within the Academy and the Army.

  • Begin a systematic review of manuscripts holdings
    • This initiative will include inventorying, re-housing and rearranging our manuscripts into a single LC-based system for better accountability and usability.

  • Deploy regular communications strategy focusing on telling the story of the library and our collections
    • We will regularly and consistently share useful and relevant information regarding services, resources and events within the library to be shared through a variety of media including our blog, social media, digital signage, newsletter, rotunda announcement board, and the Dean's Significant Activities report.

  • Host an annual event honoring West Point authors
    • This will celebrate employees who published material in the preceding year. We will work to collaborate with other departments and directorates to sponsor this event.

Goal: The USMA Library shares the story and history of West Point and the Academy with the world.

  • Develop a permanent exhibit on the history of libraries at West Point
    • We will prepare an historical overview of libraries at West Point, beginning with the first library in 1775 up until the present. The exhibit will be designed for permanent display in Jefferson Hall and also include an interactive online component.

  • Install interpretative historical panels for the Class of 1975 Terrace
    • We will complete design and install a series of interpretative historical panels on the Class of 1975 Terrace to provide visitors with basic information regarding the history of the Plain.

  • Expand the online documentation of the USMA Class Ring Collection
    • We will add biographical sketches and other related materials describing the individual graduates with rings displayed in the USMA Library Class Ring Collection.

Goal: The USMA Library develops and grows leaders in academic information service.

  • Review and migrate our existing SharePoint sites to the new SharePoint system
    • Divisions will review their existing SharePoint presence and work towards migration of the useful content to the Academy's new SharePoint system.

  • Develop a system to provide and expand cross-training within and across library divisions
    • Where appropriate, we will work to provide intentional cross-training opportunities to be expand professional development opportunities for staff as well as build organizational resiliency for the future.

  • Redesign and diversify leadership opportunities through our staff meetings
    • We will offer greater opportunity for divisional leadership of all staff meetings to expand knowledge and awareness of how our organization works and collaborates.

  • Develop a comprehensive budget planning and execution process for both appropriated and non-appropriated funds
    • We will build an internal budget model for expenditures and continue/expand regular monthly budget briefings. We will develop written plans for use of non-appropriated gift funds and work to expand our use of these in support of our mission.

  • Document standard operating procedures for core library operations
    • We document and prepare SOPs for mission-related activities within all divisions of the library. This will allow us an opportunity to refine and streamline processes while being consistent in application.

  • Support 50% of library staff in external professional development activities
    • Ongoing engagement with our profession is a high priority for staff. We will identify and support external development opportunities for at least 50% of our staff while continuing a series of in-house development opportunities for everyone.

Goal: The USMA Library collaborates and builds relationships with our peers locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • Consider collecting fees for service where appropriate
    • We will examine possibilities to recover some fees for service in order to support and maintain primary core mission priorities.

  • Complete a collection analysis in partnership with ConnectNY and other service academies
    • We will arrange for a third-party collection analysis to be completed in support of initiatives to examine shared print archives among our consortial and service academy partners.


The proponent for this Dean’s Policy Operating Memorandum is the Librarian and Associate Dean, USMA, USMA Library, Office of the Dean, MADN-LIB, x3833.

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