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Marathon : 2013 Boston Build Up 20km

2013 Boston Build Up 20km
Braving sub-freezing temperatures, icy road conditions, and long, weary miles, a select number of West Point marathoners joined the ranks of committed local runners for an early morning race over the icy roads of Fairfield Connecticut. In this all-out “sprint to the finish” 20k (12.4 mile) training race, racers prepared themselves mentally and physically for the “holy grail” of the marathon world, the Boston Marathon. Naturally then, the course mimics some of the challenges of the intended race, from short aggressive hills to winding descents along rural streets. Members of the West Point team, staying behind over the long weekend, represented themselves well, taking intelligent, calculated, and often, bold moves to stay ahead of their competition over this endurance course.

Leading the Black Knights thru the finish was yearling, Daniel Schlich with a “slick” time of (1:08.38), earning him 3rd overall, whilst being eagerly pursued by two more knights, yearlings Conner Roche and Ben Shields, with an indiscernible photo-finish of (1:17.24), earning them 7th place. Plebe Marc Samland, finished with a time of (1:19.34) earning 12th, followed by yearling David Richardson, 19th with a time of (1:21.44), and the OIC’s LTC Scott Chancellor and MAJ Sarah Wolberg, finishing at (1:20.18), 15th and (1:42.52), 29th respectively. Thanks goes out to the coordinators and event organizers from Boston Buildup in Connecticut, as well as DCA for helping these winter warriors prepare for the big race this spring.

-by Benjamin R. Shields (USMA ’15)