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Marathon : Benjamin Huff

Cadet Benjamin Huff
Class Of: 2014

Company: A-3

Major: Engineering Management

Best Marathon Time: 2:57
Hometown: Hebron, Kentucky

​Boston Marathon Qualifier: 2:57

Per Mile Pace: 6 min 46 sec
About Cadet Benjamin Huff: Keeps his head shaved for aerodynamics, which helps as he runs every day of the week at West Point. Other than sore knees after long runs, Chapman has kept injury-free and said “being part of the West Point Marathon team means being part of something greater than yourself and being part of an elite team of some of the best runners here at West Point.

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: "I think being able to participate in this run is a great honor and privilege because it not only represents the Marathon team or the Army—it represents all of the fallen Soldiers and Americans that have fought to keep our country safe and for those who are overseas and cannot be with us. Running the ball represents something bigger than ourselves and reminds us that we are a team."