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Marathon : Erin Hadlock

MAJ Erin Hadlock
Department: English and Philosophy

Graduation Year: 2002

Best Marathon Time: n/a

Boston Marathon Qualifier: n/a
Hometown: Walterboro, South Carolina

Per Mile Pace: n/a

Pastimes: Cooking, low-cost wine tasting, reading.
About MAJ Erin Hadlock: She started running because the Army told her to, and on weeks where she has no papers to grade she'll run about six times. She's one of the few barefoot runners associated with the Marathon team. "My posture and foot strike has radically changed, more than I ever thought possible, and I'm saving tons of money by forgoing pedicures."

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: "I'm not from a military family, but I always watched the Army-Navy game. When I graduated from ROTC, I certainly had an affiliation with the Army, but I still didn't understand quite how much of an impact this single game has on the histories and traditions of the Army and the Navy. To be a part of this tradition makes me feel like I've been welcomed into an Army-Navy family. Much like other families, this family bickers, fights, picks on each other and makes fun of the other in 'Gangnam' style videos. Yet at the end of the day, there are no two groups that I am prouder to be associated with."