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Marathon : Johannes Olind

Cadet Johannes Olind
Class Of: 2013

Company: A-1

Major: Environmental Engineering

Best Marathon Time: 2:50:45
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Boston Marathon Qualifier: 2:50

Per Mile Pace: 6 min 31 sec
About Cadet Johannes Olind: Olind finished in the top 3 percent overall at the 2012 Boston Marathon but said his proudest achievement at West Point was entering his final academic year here. “While there are many accomplishments I’ve racked up along the way, the growth I’ve made as a leader of character in the past 3.5 years is the most important part of my entire experience so far.” Still, he wants to break the 2:45 time at the 2013 Boston Marathon. His advice to novice runners is to run consistently because mileage is the key to success.

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: "THIS IS THE YEAR!!! GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY! The “Decade of Dominance” for Navy is OVER!!!"