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Marathon : Mackenzie Vaughn

Cadet Mackenzie Vaughn
Class Of: 2014

Company: G-1

Major: Civil Engineering

Best Marathon Time: 3:31:10
Hometown: Olalla, Washington

Boston Marathon Qualifier: 3:31

Per Mile Pace: 8 min 3 sec
About Cadet Mackenzie Vaughn: Began running at the age of five when her dad began taking her on short runs. After 10 years running competitively, she felt proud after finishing the Richmond Marathon Nov. 10. “I did not think, as recent as last year that I would ever even attempt a marathon, and now I have even qualified for Boston thanks to the Marathon team.” Her best advice to a novice runner: “Running in local fun runs gives you a goal and a way to connect with other runners, so I’ve always enjoyed that, plus it keeps running fun.”

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: “I am very excited to be a part of this special event. The game has so much tradition and history; I am honored to be able to participate.”