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Marathon : Marc Samland

Cadet Marc Samland
Class Of: 2016

Company: B-1

Major: n/a

Best Marathon Time: n/a
Hometown: Budapest, HU

Boston Marathon Qualifier: n/a

Per Mile Pace: n/a
About Cadet Marc Samland: When not training or competing, he enjoys playing soccer, hiking, following college sports and solving difficult math or logic problems. “The harder the problems are the better. Additionally, I love to take part in community service and environmental conservation projects.”

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: “This was always a dream of mine during high school and I am thrilled by the chance to represent West Point. I hope that the Army-Navy Game Ball Run will encourage and excite people about the great football rivalry that exists between Army and Navy and, more importantly, draw their attention to those service men and women who will be watching the game overseas. GO ARMY FOOTBALL!”