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Marathon : Mark Davis

MAJ Mark Davis
Department: Physical Education

Graduation Year: 2003

Best Marathon Time: 2:41

Boston Marathon Qualifier: n/a
Hometown: Joliet, Illinois

Per Mile Pace: n/a

Pastimes: Playing with daughter, cards, teaching combatives to cadets.
About MAJ Mark Davis: Takes pride in helping cadets develop just like officers had done for him as a cadet. He said being on the Marathon Team "shows a commitment to challenging your mind and body beyond your known limits to see what you can achieve."

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: "I think the Ball Run represents how all the cadets are truly part of one team as they prepare for their Army careers. The players play the game, but not without the support of rest of the Corps of Cadets. The Ball Run isn't about the miles the cadets run' it's about accepting the challenge at hand and working as a team to accomplish the mission. Everyone does their part, supporting each other along the way and the Corps is successful in the end, regardless of the score of the game."