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Marathon : Sarah Wolberg

MAJ Sarah Wolberg
Department: Mathematical Science

Graduation Year: 2002

Best Marathon Time: 3:28 (2011 Marine Corps Marathon)

Boston Marathon Qualifier: n/a
Hometown: Socorro, New Mexico

Per Mile Pace: 7 min 56 sec

Pastimes: n/a
About MAJ Sarah Wolberg: A Class of 2002 graduate and a former Co. A-4 cadet and systems engineering major, she is currently an instructor in the Department of Mathematical Science. "The Marathon Team was the place where I discovered my inner voice and self importance. I also discovered that I was capable of getting through anything after being able to run 26.2 miles. It is an amazing experience and feeling that I hope many others will attempt."

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: "We run for history and we run for the future. We run for the Marathon Team. We run for the Corps of Cadets. We also run in memory of the graduates who have passed through West Point's doors. In essence, we run to honor an institution that has given so much to the United States through so many different wars throughout history. We run to honor the fallen West Point and Naval Academy alumni who have made the ultimate sacrifices in their service to our nation. The run is not only a tradition, but also a run of honor, duty and for our country."