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Marathon : Tiffany Matthews

Cadet Tiffany Matthews
Class Of: 2016

Company: C-3

Major: n/a

Best Marathon Time: n/a
Hometown: Copperas Cove, Texas

Boston Marathon Qualifier: n/a

Per Mile Pace: n/a
About Cadet Tiffany Matthews: As a plebe, she is learning the challenge of balancing training with academics, while getting enough sleep and nutrition. “If I’m not getting enough sleep or not eating right, I can tell right away in my running performance.” She considers the Marathon team a unique group of people, “and it’s great to be surrounded by others who don’t think you’re a freak for looking forward to a 2-plus hour long run. We are a team of incredibly motivated athletes who are willing to push through a lot of discomfort to become great runners.”

Thoughts On The 2012 Army-Navy Game Ball Run: “I am super excited to be a part of the Army-Navy tradition by being in the Ball Run. This is a really fun way for the team to be a part of the 2012 Army-Navy Game … and I think it will be a great feeling knowing I helped run the ball to the game that Army won. Just saying.”