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Mathematica Militaris - Call for Papers (as of 17 Jan 2014)

Mathematica Militaris is a forum where faculty and students at each of the five service academies can publish their work, share their ideas, solve challenging problems, and debate their opinions.

In order to improve the relevance of this bulletin, we transitioned in 2011 to publishing with a more focused call for papers on a current topic of interest across all five of our federally funded service academies. The topics for the next issue is:
Issue Topic
No. 22, Vol. 2
(Spring 2014)
Writing Assessments for a Large Core Course

The upcoming Spring 2014 issue will emphasize the topic -- Writing Assessments for a Large Course of Students. Some of the questions that come up each year follows:  How do you write assessments that are lesson objective based which ensures that all students are able to perform well and yet challenge every student to some degree.  Is it appropriate to challenge the best students on every assessment?  How do you give an exam to 800 students over 4 hours and ensure that the four versions are significantly different so that a student in the first hour cannot give too much information to the students in the last hour that will invalidate the assessment tool? 


Although we issue calls for papers with a topical focus for each issue, this does not preclude the publication of general submissions in the latter portion of any bulletin, and we welcome contributions that you wish to share within our community. Anything mathematical (proofs, problems, models, curriculum, history, biography, computing) remains in the purview of the bulletin, as it has since its inception in 1991.

We look to publish the bulletin twice each academic year and have adopted the following publication timelines in order to improve our processes and provide predictability for both contributors and readers.

Event Fall Semester Spring Semester
Submission deadline to editor October 10 March 10
Suggested revisions sent to authors October 20 March 20
Revised articles due to editor November 1 April 1
Mathematica Militaris published online November 10 April 10

Please send your submissions (in Microsoft Word format, please) to the editor at  or with the words “Mathematica Militaris” in the subject line. Past issues may be found here.