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Civilian Assignments

math_civilian01.pngDavies Fellowships

Davies Fellowships are 3 year, non tenure track, post doctoral positions. Each year, Davies Fellows teach one semester at USMA and then conduct research for a semester (and during the summer) under the mentorship of an Army Research Laboratory (ARL) scientist. This program offers valuable post-doctoral experience for mathematicians (to include those with operations research & statistics degrees) early in their careers to work with experienced researchers, publish their results, and increase their experience and development in teaching mathematics. Applicants must hold US citizenship. Past Davies Fellows have been very successful, both in terms of research productivity and in obtaining good jobs in academia following their fellowship.

The program provides three years of a combination of teaching and research during the academic year and research in the summers. Each Davies Fellow has a teaching mentor at USMA and a postdoctoral research advisor from ARL. Our standard teaching load is three sections (each section has at most 18 students) of a 4.0 or 4.5 credit hour course (these meet on average about 4 times per week), or four sections of a 3.0 credit hour course that meets an average of 2.5 times per week. Further information about our core and elective mathematics courses is available here under Department, then Courses. Davies Fellows teach a full load in one semester each year, and do research in the other semester as well as during the summer.

math_civilian02.pngAssistant Professor - "Title 10"

Title 10 positions provide Ph.D.s in their early career stages the opportunity to work with a diverse group of mathematicians (applied mathematicians, pure mathematicians, operations researchers, and statisticians) in a teaching program that is very active in the national mathematics community. These positions are designed to provide mathematicians with rich experiences in education and research. Some support for research (especially during the summer) exists through the Army Research Laboratories for these positions.

Description: All faculty are expected to learn, do, and teach mathematics with excellence. The Department of Mathematical Sciences faculty is composed of 50 military and 17 civilian members. Our exceptional faculty provides a distinctive blend of talents. Faculty development activities are a significant component of our entire program. We immerse incoming members in a comprehensive and nationally renown faculty development program to prepare them to teach.

math_civilian03.pngEligibility: All requirements for the Ph.D. must be completed by the time of appointment.

Application information: In order to receive full consideration, applications must contain a curriculum vitae, transcripts, a statement of teaching philosophy and career goals, a research statement, and three letters of recommendation. For maximum consideration, above materials must be submitted by the end of January. Send required information to:

WEST POINT, NY 10996-1995
(Telephone 845-938-8133)
Overviews of USMA are available at

Please contact us if you have any questions. We may be reached by phone at (845) 938-8133, email LTC Michael Findlay.