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Department of Mathematical Sciences : Current Faculty (Old)

Current Faculty and Staff

Name​ Position​ Phone​ E-mail​
ahlers_kris.png MAJ Kris Ahlers Instructor 845-938-6339
arney_chris.png Dr. Chris Arney Professor of Mathematics 845-938-4429
bacon_john.png MAJ John Bacon Instructor 845-938-2046
bell_jocelyn.png Dr. Jocelyn Bell Assistant Professor​ 845-938-0980
benson_patrice.png Dr. Patrice D. Benson Assistant Professor​ 845-938-2037
bjerkaas_james.png MAJ James K. Bjerkaas Instructor​ 845-938-7460
blaine_kevin.png MAJ Kevin E. Blaine Instructor 845-938-6727
bliss_karen.png Dr. Karen Bliss Assistant Professor 845-938-5616​
bupp_troy.png MAJ Troy A. Bupp Instructor 845-938-3451
burt_derek.png MAJ Derek F. Burt Assistant Professor 845-938-5905
clark_nick.png MAJ Nicholas J. Clark Instructor 845-938-7148
costa_gabriel.png Father Gabriel B. Costa Professor of Mathematics 845-938-5625
craddock_michelle.png Dr. Michelle R. Craddock Assistant Professor 845-938-6309
cummiskey_kevin.png MAJ Kevin Cummiskey Instructor 845-938-5609
deb_ashok.png MAJ Ashok K. Deb Instructor 845-938-5621
eastburg_christopher.png MAJ Christopher Eastburg Instructor 845-938-3451
evans_lee.png MAJ Lee Evans Assistant Professor 845-938-5987
findlay_michael.png MAJ Mike Findlay Instructor 845-938-8135
fletcher_hilary.png Dr. Hilary DeRemigio Fletcher Assistant Professor 845-938-2654
Fortino Ms. Susan Fortino​ Department Head Secretary 845-938-5315
gatewood_james.png Dr. James Gatewood Assistant Professor​ 845-938-0202
gatzke_benjamin.png MAJ Benjamin Gatzke Instructor​ 845-938-5660
glen_andrew.png COL Andrew G. Glen Academy Professor 845-938-5988
goethals_paul.png LTC Paul L. Goethals Assistant Professor 845-938-5619
gohlich_david.png MAJ David Gohlich Instructor 845-938-2453
hartley_tina.png LTC Tina R. Hartley Academy Professor​ 845-938-3605
heidenberg_alex.png COL Alex J. Heidenberg Academy Professor​ 845-938-2227
horton_steven.png COL Steven Horton Professor, Deputy Department Head 845-938-5870
howard_nick.png MAJ Nick Howard Instructor 845-938-5649
hromadka_theodore.png Dr. Theodore Hromadka II Professor​ of Mathematics 845-938-2036
hudson_timothy.png MAJ Timothy Hudson Instructor 845-938-5815
hung_benjamin.png MAJ Benjamin W. K. Hung Instructor 845-938-5218
jackson_heather.png MAJ Heather Jackson Assistant Professor 845-938-5931
jackson_john.png LTC John Jackson Assistant Professor 845-938-7461
johnson_anthony.jpg MAJ Anthony Johnson Academy Professor​ 845-938-7685
jones_james.png LTC James Jones Assistant Professor​ 845-938-6726
kaczynski_william.png LTC William Kaczynski Assistant Professor​ 845-938-3322
kastner.jpg COL Tom Kastner Director of the Dean's Staff​ 845-938-5007​
kobylski_gerald.png COL Gerald Kobylski Academy Professor​ 845-938-7685
kubik_bethany.png Dr. Bethany Kubik Assistant Professor​ 845-938-2719
lacasse_phillip.png MAJ Phillip M. LaCasse Instructor​ 845-938-5615
landin_michael.png MAJ Michael A. Landin Instructor 845-938-6347
lennon_craig.png Dr. Craig Lennon Assistant Professor​ 845-938-5904
MAJ Charles Levine MAJ Charles Levine Instructor​ 845-938-5168​
mikhaylov_jessica.png Dr. Jessica Libertini Assistant Professor​ 845-938-0690
lowrance_lisa.png Dr. Lisa Warshauer Lowrance Assistant Professor​ 845-938-5611
lunday_brian.png LTC Brian J. Lunday Assistant Professor​ 845-938-7436
macdonald_brian.png Dr. Brian Macdonald Assistant Professor​ 845-938-0529
Maresco Mr. Frank Maresco​ Information Tech Spec 845-938-3175
marks_christopher.png MAJ Christopher E. Marks Instructor 845-938-5620
mcinvale_doug.png LTC Doug McInvale Assistant Professor​ 845-938-4544
Morris Ms. Jennifer Morris​ Office Automation Asst 845-938-2100
Murphy Ms. Donna Murphy​ Executive Officer 845-938-4502
outing_donald.png LTC Donald Outing Academy Professor​ 845-938-7217
phillips_michael.png COL Michael D. Phillips Professor and Department Head 845-938-5315
pulleyblank_william.png Dr. William Pulleyblank Professor​ 845-938-3200
riehl_jeremy.png MAJ Jeremy Riehl Instructor 845-938-3073
russell_elizabeth.png Dr. Elizabeth Russell Assistant Professor​ 845-938-4018
seidel_scott.png MAJ Scott Seidel Instructor 845-938-2530
smith_michael.png LTC Mick Smith Assistant Professor​ 845-938-2807
springer_adam.png MAJ Adam C. Springer Instructor 845-938-2227
starling_james.png MAJ James K. Starling Instructor 845-938-6729
sturdivant_rodney.png COL Rod Sturdivant Academy Professor 845-938-4010
swain_aaron.png MAJ Aaron Swain Instructor 845-938-2276
Swanson Ms. Donna Swanson​ Computer Asst 845-938-7459
swedberg_andrew.png MAJ Andrew Swedberg Instructor 845-938-4252
szabo_csilla.png Dr. Csilla Szabo Assistant Professor 845-938-4014
thibeault_joshua.png MAJ Joshua W. Thibeault Instructor 845-938-6308
thiel_johann.png Dr. Johann Thiel Assistant Professor​ 845-938-6419
thirey_benjamin.png MAJ Benjamin Thirey Instructor 845-938-8137
thornburg_eric.png MAJ Eric Thornburg Instructor 845-938-4811
trujillo_victor.png MAJ Victor E. Trujillo II Instructor 845-938-4604
vanatta_natalie.png MAJ Natalie Vanatta Instructor 845-938-8138
wattenberg_frank.png Dr. Frank Wattenberg Professor​ of Mathematics 845-938-5618
weld_christopher.png MAJ Christopher E. Weld Instructor 845-938-5627
wilkerson_drew.png Dr. Stephen Wilkerson ARL Research Scientist 845-938-7689
williams_kendall.png Dr. Kendall Williams Assistant Professor​ 845-938-8132
wolberg_sarah.png MAJ Sarah Wolberg Instructor 845-938-8136
wooster_robert.png Dr. Robert Wooster Assistant Professor​ 845-938-7830
yoshitani_shaw.png LTC Shaw Yoshitani Assistant Professor​ 845-938-8133